Wireless Door Lock Interface to LockState

10/15/2015 – RDP is pleased to announce the availability of an Interface Subscription to wireless door locks form www.lockstate.com.  The RDP-LockState Interface is sold on a subscription basis for $100/month, which includes interface support and product updates to the Interface.
LockState wireless door locks eliminate the need for key cards or physical keys.  The RDP system interfaces with LockState to generate a unique lock code for each reservation. The code is only valid during the guests stay.   The code can be sent to the guest via a modifiable confirmation from LockState.   The LockState-RDP solution is ideal for Vacation Rental companies who manage many houses in different locations.   Guests do not have to stop at a central location to pick up a key.   The solution can also be used for hotels or resorts who wish to eliminate key cards or physical keys.

See:  RDP-LockState Technical Documentation

The RDP system also interfaces to traditional Key Card Locks for either VingCard Vision 3000 system and the Kaba Ilco key lock system.

See RDP Key Card interfaces.

RemoteLock Diagram