RDP Group Features

24/7 Access: Rates, Availability, and Reservations for Groups

RDP offers the online booking engine Internet Reservation Module (IRM), enabling groups and their members to access rates, availability, and make reservations around the clock. With an email address on the group master in RDPWin, group members can conveniently log into the IRM from any internet-connected workstation worldwide to make reservations directly on your system. Features include group blocks, online group access, customized rates per group, room blocks, split charges between group leader and guests, email marketing to groups and more.

Streamlined with Fewer Screens & Configurable Look and Feel

  • Faster for groups to check availability and make reservations.
  • Activities easily added to reservations using the Virtual Store (Module RP and S1).
  • Custom group screen after group login.

Experience the streamlined efficiency of RDP’s system for group reservations!

Statistical Reports & Marketing

The system tracks month-to-date and year-to-date revenue for all group masters. Totals are printed monthly for the current year, monthly for the previous year, and quarterly. RDPWin’s powerful report writer allows you to change these reports to meet exact specifications.

The system prints mailing labels and customized letters to groups based on a wide variety of criteria. For example, a letter is written once and re-printed inserting every group’s name and address who stayed at the property the past five years. A different letter is written to all tentative groups that negotiated with the property but did not confirm.

Groups are a tremendous source of revenue to many properties. The RDP system provides marketing tools to make sure they return year after year. Prospective groups are efficiently tracked, ensuring no business “slips through the cracks”.

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