PMS Cost: Rates & Packages

Installed at over 1000 locations over the last 20+ years

We accommodate the requirements of this large customer base with the development of a very powerful rate and package system that is included with our core system at no additional charge.

Easy to Manage “Pool System”

The RDP package system uses a “pool of reusable package components”.  You define a package component one time, and this component can then be used in many different packages.  For example, you may wish to include a bottle of wine in 10 different packages.  The “wine component” is defined one time, including its price, general ledger account, etc.  This component can then be used in any package.  This design allows you to create new packages “on the fly,” in less than a few minutes.

Package ComponentNumberSeasonGL Account #
Adult Breakfast 1Season 1: $8.00
Season 2: $8.00
Season 3: $8.00
Child Breakfast2Season 1: $5.00
Season 2: $5.00
Season 3: $5.00
Adult Lunch3Season 1: $14.00
Season 2: $14.00
Season 3: $14.00
Child Lunch4Season 1: $7.00
Season 2: $7.00
Season 3: $7.00
Adult Golf5Season 1: $30.00
Season 2: $50.00
Season 3: $80.00
Child Golf6Season 1: $15.00
Season 2: $25.00
Season 3: $40.00
Adult Ski7Season 1: $60.00
Season 2: $80.00
Season 3: $90.00
Child Ski8Season 1: $30.00
Season 2: $40.00
Season 3: $45.00
Inexpensive Wine9Season 1: $10.00
Season 2: $10.00
Season 3: $10.00
Great Wine10Season 1: $50.00
Season 2: $50.00
Season 3: $50.00

Thousands of Possibilities

The system has the capacity to have thousands of different packages, each with up to 99 components.  Packages are configured with “start and end” dates, and other parameters to make the reservations department as efficient as possible. A reservationist enters the arrival date, departure date, and number of guests. The system then displays the rates and packages available for those dates in less than one second.

Automatic Package Calculation by Season, Unit Type, etc.

The RDP package system is designed to automatically calculate the cost of each rate or package based on the following criteria:


Up to 52 seasons can be defined, and each day of the year can be in a different season. The auto rate calculation system looks at each day of the reservation to determine the season for that day.


The system allows a maximum of 9999 unit types, and each package component can have different rates for each unit type. Some RDP customers rent homes or condominiums. Packages can calculate a different rate for each unit number in this environment.


The system calculates rates and packages for up to four “people classifications”. Each customer decides how many people classifications to use, and what to name them. Many customers only utilize one classification – adults. Others may have two (adults and children), and some use all four (adults, teens, children, pets).


Rates and packages can be cutoff based on occupancy. For example, you may wish to offer a discounted rate, and have the system automatically cut this package off when you reach 70% occupancy for a given day. You can also control the order in which rates are displayed to the reservation department and to guests using the Internet Reservation Module (IRM)using a “sequence number.”


All rates can have a starting and ending date. The reservation system then compares the start/end dates on all rates with the arrival/departure date on the reservation to determine which rates to display.


Packages can be created for specific groups or individuals in a few minutes.

Four People Classifications to Calculate Package Cost

RDP’s system calculates package costs for up to four “people classifications,” allowing flexibility in customizing rates for various categories. Customers can choose the number of classifications and their names, enabling tailored charges like “$50.00 per day per skier” in a package.

The system automatically computes room rates and charges based on the combinations of people classifications, accommodating different seasons and activity options such as golf, skiing, or lessons, all effortlessly managed with RDP’s Itinerary and Concierge Module. Guests receive a complete itinerary and coupons for a seamless experience.

Different Package Allowed Each Day

Each day of a reservation can have a different rate or package assigned. For example, a guest staying 5 nights, may have the following rates:

1Rack Rate$100.00
2Golf Package$150.00
3Golf Package$150.00
4Golf Package$190.00
510% Discount$90.00

Components by Unit Type or Unit Number

Normally, package components such as “Golf” are the same price regardless of the unit type a guest books. However, a golf package can be created where golf is included at no charge if the guest books a suite, otherwise costing $75.00 for all other room types.

It is possible to have the system automatically calculate the room rate or components by specific unit number. For example, a customer rents 300 houses that are very different from one another. Each house has a different room revenue component in the package. House 101 may be $300 per night, while House 202 is $400 per night, with both using the unit type “House.”

General Ledger Account Number

Each component can have a different general ledger account number. Reports are available showing the total revenue each day for every account number. For example, a package can be created with 10 different components, each with its own revenue account.

Owner Billing Split

For customers using the Condominium Owner Module, or Timeshare Owner Module, each component can be defined to pay the owner a pre-defined revenue percentage or not.  Normally, an owner is only entitled to a portion of the room revenue, and does not receive a portion of incidental components, i.e. golf, lift tickets.

Daily & Lump Sum Components

Daily and lump sum components may be added to the same package. For example, a golf green fee component is daily, meaing the seasonal price is charged every day the package code is assigned. Another component, “Wine,” can be defined as  “lump sum” and is only charged on the day of check-in. It is possible to create packages with a wide variety of daily and lump sum components, such as:

Day 1: Room, Wine, Lunch, Dinner & Golf

Day 2: Room, Lunch, Dinner & Golf

Day 3: Room, Lunch & Golf

Canadian PST, GST, and HST Taxes

Each component can have up to four taxes automatically calculated, with different general ledger accounts assigned to each. Tips and gratuities can also be automatically calculated at different percentages for each package component.

Canadian customers are required to track PST (Provincial Sales Tax) and GST (Goods and Services Tax), or HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) on every component. They are also required to report these tax amounts on guest folios and other reports. The rates and packages module is fully PST/GST/HST compliant. Additionally, certain guests may be established as “PST” or “GST” exempt without defining additional packages or making manual adjustments.

Full Description of Each Package

Each daily package, lump sum package, or non-package rate plan can have a unique descriptive information screen. This allows the reservationist to quickly describe the rate/package to the guest. This information can also be sent to the guest via Email, Fax, or US Mail.

Sample Full Package Description

  • 18 holes of golf at Singletree
  • Dinner at The Garden of the Gods each night
  • Clubhouse privileges
  • One box of 12 balls

Directions to Single Tree Golf Course:

Take US 70 West 12 miles from Vail. Exit at the Edwards off ramp and make a right turn. Follow the main road 6 tenths of a mile and the clubhouse is on the right.

Rate and Package Rules

The system supports a variety of “rules” for packages, including:

  • Starting and ending dates
  • Minimum & maximum nights
  • Required starting day of the week (i.e. – must start on Friday, with a 2 day minimum)
  • Minimum and maximum people
  • Control what order packages appear on the yield management screen
  • Establish packages that can be only for groups, or one specific group
  • Different rates for up to 52 seasons
  • Should the package appear on the Internet Reservation Module?

Yield Management & Packages

The yield management system is fully compatible with daily packages, lump sum packages, and non-package rate plans. Cutoffs can be established for each rate plan up to four years in advance. For example, a AAA Discount Rate can be established at $150 for the summer. However, from July 4th through July 8th the rate can be cut-off, allowing only higher rates during this busy weekend. Partial cut-offs can also be used. For example, the discount rate can be set to 30% occupancy for July 4th to 8th. With this cut-off defined, the system allows this rate to be booked until the property is 30% occupied and then automatically cuts  off. Cut-off percentages are based on either the occupancy of the entire property or occupancy by unit type. For example, the golf package could be cutoff when the occupancy of SUITE is at 50%, and when the occupancy of DOUBLE is 35%.

Discount Rate Plans

A single rate plan or package can be created with multiple discount amounts. A percent discount can applied to each rate, all the way up to 90% off. For example, RACK Rate may be the standard rate, but 10%, 15% and 20% discount rate are needed. Simply apply the desired discount percent to the rate without having to create new pricing, adjust seasons or extra person charges.  A “negative” discount can also be created, which increases the price by a specified percent. For example, RACK Rate may the be standard rate, but during holiday weekends the rate goes up by 10%. Use a negative discount amount to increase the price for that holiday.

Advance Purchase Rates

Working in conjunction with Discount Rate Plans is Advance Purchase Rates. These allow you to set a specific number of days in advance of the guest’s arrival that a discount is applicable. This feature encourages guests to plan ahead, and helps properties reach early occupancy goals. For example, if a guest books 60 days in advance, the discount amount is 20%. If booked 30 days in advance, the discount is now 10% off. Waiting until 14 days prior to arrival, they may only receive a 5% discount. The system automatically hides rates that do not meet the advance date requirements. Advance Purchase Rates are designed to work with the Internet Reservations Module (IRM).

Rate Plan Cutoff Tiers & Patterns

Utilize the power of Rate Plan Cutoff Tiers on IRM.Net to optimize occupancy and revenue by activating or deactivating rates based on occupancy percentages. For instance, you can offer a 20% discount when the property is below 50% occupancy, switch to a 10% discount when occupancy reaches 51%, and disable discounts when the property hits 80% occupancy. This dynamic feature ensures maximum revenue potential.

Simplify rate adjustments with Rate Plan Patterns, allowing you to set specific rates for certain days of a guest’s stay in a pattern format. Set up promotions like “Stay 3 Nights Get the 4th Night Free” without manual rate changes or pro-rating. With easy setup and compatibility with existing rates, selecting the appropriate pattern automatically updates rates according to the scheduled changes, streamlining the process for hassle-free promotions.

Best Available Rates

Best Available Rate or BAR is designed to be your best published rate, allowing a specific rate to be defined for a specific date. For example, on September 30 the best available rate is 15% discount, while October 1st the best rate is a 5% discount. Best Available Rate works well in markets where there is a great deal of competition, and staying below competitors rates is essential to attracting guests to your property.

All rates can be calculated by season, room type, and number of guests. In addition, RDP has the ability to create Discount Rates, Rate Plan Patterns, and Best Available Rates.

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