PMS Guest Experience Features

Numerous Guest Touch Points to Improve Guest Experience at All Stages

Online Booking Engine

IRM, the RDP online booking engine, creates an easy to navigate guest experience for your property.  It shows rates, availability, pictures, descriptions and amenities to the guest.  It is available for use on any computer, phone or tablet with any screen size.  There are no commission fees and it is integrated with the guest history database.  The IRM is extremely customizable both in what appears on the pages along with a complete styling guide so it can be styled to match your marketing web site.  The IRM also allows the guest to purchase additional items with the virtual store (optional).  There is even an integrated chat available.

Booking Engine Chat

Improve your customer’s booking experience with live agent and chat bot support. IRM Chat allows your guests to ask questions to a live agent while making a reservation on IRM. Reduce the number of phone calls and convert more reservations at a faster pace. IRM Chat interfaces with LiveChat, which offers great features and reporting tools.


IRM Interactive Site Map

The IRM interactive site map displays your property and allows the guest to view availability, rates and amenities in a graphical layout.  The guest can easily see the location of the site along with the other amenities on property.

You supply the graphics of your property and have complete control over what appears on the site map.  Making a reservation is an easy step from the map and carries over the site that was clicked as part of the new reservation.

Front Desk Kiosk

Offer contactless check-in and an expedited front desk experience with a lobby kiosk powered by RDP. Features are designed to quickly check-in guests that don’t need any changes to their current reservations, enter reservation notes, capture credit card, sign agreements, and more.

Guest Survey & Communication

Capture feedback and improve your guest experience with automated guest surveys. Features include creating and managing your survey form, custom email templates, aggregated results and reporting. The link to complete the survey is automatically generated and included on confirmations.  The results are saved on guest profile and an opt-out option is also available.

Signature Capture, Photos & Documents

Expand your guest profile information in RDP by importing externally stored photos, legal documents and signatures. Features include the ability to store PDF contracts or files in RDP, integration with Docusign, scan passports or licenses, link files to guest, owner, room, vendors, and more.

Email Automation

Automatically send customized emails to individual guests or filtered lists of guests directly from RDP. Emailing features include fully integrated HTML templates, include attachments to email, mass email any list of guests direct from RDP, automatically schedule and send emails, integrated optional guest survey, multiple email addresses per reservation, and more.

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