PMS Software Integrations

Streamline Connections by Integrating with 3rd Party Providers

Revenue Management, Accounting & Finance

Report your financials with accuracy directly from the source, RDPWin. Utilizing your real-time information RDP offers the ability to drill into all supporting details impacting your business while simultaneously integrating to 3rd party accounting software.

Features include matching general ledger account numbers, transaction codes posted within RDPWin to reservations, folios, groups, owners, balanced daily journal entry, sophisticated reporting and a native integration to numerous 3rd party accounting platforms including QuickBooks, Sage, NetSuite and more.


Bank Lockbox Interface

RDPWin interfaces with your bank’s Lockbox service. The Lockbox interface saves you time when it comes to sending statements and processing receivables from your owners.

  • Increased speed and efficiency

    Streamline your speed and efficiency by allowing payments to be processed by your bank and deposited directly into your account.

  • Get Paid Sooner

    Amount of time for the money to hit your account is reduced.

  • Easily Import / Export Data

    Information from RDP to your bank occurs seamlessly with an easy export/import program.

RDP has a two way interface to SynXis / Sabre Hospitality suite of products and services.  Rates & availability is transferred to SynXis in real-time.  Reservations are transferred to RDPWin complete with all folio charges.  If you are already a customer of both RDP and SynXis, this interface eases the process of entering reservations into RDPWin.

RDP partners with RedAwning to offer seamless connectivity between RDPWin and the RedAwning database. RedAwning is the world’s largest branded network of vacation rental properties.

Television System Integrations

Utilize the TV in guest rooms to offer self service on reservations as well as automatic billing for movies and on screen media. Features include TV guest check out, on screen property information, room service, contact to the front desk, billing for paid content, and more.


VytioVytio for HospitalityPlease contact your RDP Sales representative for more information or at 877-779-3717

Phone System Integrations

Discover a new level of operational efficiency and elevate the guest experience with RDP’s interfaces to cutting-edge phone system partners. Unleash the full potential of your property’s phone system by seamlessly integrating it with our innovative solutions. With RDP’s phone interface capabilities, you can optimize various aspects of your communication services, from accurate phone call billing to providing guests with unique voicemail options. Say goodbye to manual phone usage tracking, as our system automatically charges guests for their phone usage, ensuring a hassle-free billing process.

RDP’s phone interface capabilities include phone call billing, unique voicemail per guest, auto charging guest for phone usage, phone housekeeper functionality, and more.

Point of Sale (POS)

Seamlessly integrate your restaurant and store purchases to RDPWin with RDP’s POS interface.

Features include posting charges from the POS to the guest folio, inquire first on guest name before charging, pre-check in charges, room key/wrist band used for charging, and more. Examples of vendor partners include Micros, Aloha, DataSym, Fairway Systems, HIS, IBS, NCR, Sharp, and more.

Video Checkout Interface

With the Enhanced Movie interface, guests view their folio on the television and check out.

If the credit card interface is installed and a credit card is on file, a credit card payment is automatically processed during check-out.  The interface also turns movies on at check-in and off at check-out, helping to prevent unauthorized access.

Custom API

Operate RDP with ease of mind knowing we offer an open API and the ability to connect your data to nearly any industry partner upon request.

The RDP API can access nearly any piece of data in your RDP database. Specific calls the API can access room information, availability, room calendar, rate per stay, housekeeping data, full reservation data, guest profiles, folios, owner information, and more.

RDPPay Credit Card Interface

Safely and securely manage your credit card payments and refunds with RDPPay which is fully PCI Compliant and encrypted end-to-end.  RDPPay features include advance deposits, transfer of deposits to in-house ledger, authorization at check-in, payments linked to prior authorized amounts, payment and refunds to guests after checkout, payments from owners, signature capture, Apple/Google Pay, Gift Cards, EMV devices, and more.

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