Revenue Management

Increase Revenue With Automated Rates, Yield Management and Reporting

Yield Management

Maximize your revenue and occupancy with RDP’s built in dynamic pricing and predictive revenue reporting. Yield management features include best available rates, projected occupancy, comparisons to the projected occupancy at the same point in time the previous year, rate plan cutoffs, daily or seasonal rates and cutoffs and more.

Denial Tracking

Improve booking performance as well as your team’s guest relations by tracking reservation denials throughout the booking experience. Features of denial tracking include a customizable list of denial reasons, track the stage of reservation when denied (begun, quote, payment), source of business, market code, required entry for reservationists, detailed reporting, and more.

Booking Pace & Occupancy Management

The Booking Pace and Occupancy Forecasting provides RDP customers with the ability to analyze forecasted revenue and occupancy between two time periods. A dozen reports are included, all of which can be modified with Crystal Reports.  A wide variety of additional reports can easily be created to analyze data. For example, on 2/1/2023, you could run a report that showed the total number of rooms booked, and revenue for the period 3/1/2023 to 6/30/2023.  The report includes totals for the same time frame last year (on 2/1/2022, what was booked for 3/1/2022 to 6/30/2022). This allows management to analyze if the booking pace is ahead or behind last year.

Booking Channel Management

Drive occupancy and revenue by syncing rates and reservations to thousands of booking sites worldwide with RDP’s native connections to numerous award winning Channel Managers.

Channel Manager partners include VRBO, Airbnb, SiteMinder, Synxis, Expedia,, and many more.

Features include two way communication to push live rates, true last room availability as well as receive reservations, payment information, guest profile information, and more directly into RDPWin.

Powerful Business Intelligence Dashboards

Pull Data from multiple sources real time to bring light to the key performance indicators that influence your business. We can take RDP revenue data and merge that with your back office accounting system for real time profit and loss. Get itemized POS reports by reservation number and much more!

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