RDP Timeshare & Fractional Features

Seamlessly Combine Timeshare, Ownership, and Hotel Rooms

Features include fixed, floating, and quarter-share combinations, rotate weeks from year to year, contracts to control weeks, online owner access, owner reservation priority, invoices and more.

Fixed, Floating, and Quartershare

The system handles a wide variety of timeshare and/or interval ownership configurations including: contracts, point-based, fixed week, floating week, fixed unit, floating unit, quarter-share, eight-share, and a variety of other ownership situations.  RDPWin can handle annual, biennial, right-to-use, and split use weeks.

Combinations of these methods are possible, and it is possible to combine timeshare, whole ownership, and hotel rooms into one system. See table for example.

100-140Fixed week timeshare, Friday to Friday
141-159Fixed week timeshare, Saturday to Saturday
160-231Floating week timeshare
232-291Whole ownership
292-390Hotel rooms
391-450Quarter-share plus owner bonus time
451-600Timeshare points
601-64928 Days per year, based on seasonal restrictions

Timeshare Weeks Analysis

RDP simplifies the complex scheduling of timeshare weeks for all owners across all rooms using our signature weeks analysis screen. Our simple weeks screen allows changes and cancelations for both rental weeks and owner weeks which can be displayed in any format desired using our advanced filtering capabilities.

Rotate Weeks from Year to Year

Improve your owner experience by offering the ability to rotate weeks from year to year customizable to fit your current owner contracts. Features include automatically rotating weeks from year to year, ability to move ahead in the calendar some years and backwards in others, and moving between all owners in the timeshare.

Weeks to Sell

RDP creates new revenue opportunities for the owner and property manager by automatically reporting available weeks left to sell and all weeks available for resale. Use RDP enhanced communication features to send owner communications about weeks to sell, provide management full information with customized reporting, and more.

Configure Timeshare Weeks

RDP was developed to enhance ownership experiences, benefits and flexibility in a format that can be customized for any structure.  Manage your property from end to end with RDP. The system can handle complex membership rules including allowing members online access to manage their rooms, billing and awards.  RDP has simplified the complex ownership and member billing in a customizable way for your rules.

Rewards and Loyalty Points

An example points program:

  1. A property with five locations starts a Rental Club
  2. Members pay annual dues and earn points
  3. RDP tracks points and generates the invoices for dues
  4. Members pay yearly dues on the owner portal
  5. Points can be used for reservations at any resort
  6. Members can make reservation over the owner portal
  7. Points value is 100% customizable assigned by you
  8. RDP calculates “point cost” and tracks all points used

Exchange Programs

Increase the value of your owners week with an exchange program for your owners, or exchange with the external marketplace through an interface to RCI.

RDP has features to manage exchanges include differentiating owner, exchange, public, and owner bonus time reservations. Each type of guests can be listed on various reports with access to a complete history.

RCI Interface

Eliminate the manual process required to create exchange reservations by using RDP to automatically create reservations from RCI, retrieve and approve RCI deposits, and automatically make any change or cancellation to reservations.

Reservation Priority

Customize your owner experience by establishing a ranking system between owners to ensure bookings are made in a way that adheres to your contracts. Each owner can be assigned a different priority, and each priority can be assigned a time period for which reservations can be booked online. The owner priority system is fully integrated to our online owner portal to streamline the process.

Owner Access Over the Internet

Improve your owner experience and reduce staff time by offering owners access to the owner portal on a mobile device. Features include a visual reservation calendar for the unit, online payments, make an owner reservation, view billing statements, view individual bills to the room, manage work orders on the unit, update contact information, and more.

Bonus Time Reservations

Allow your owner to make reservations beyond their ownership time, bonus time, in a fully customizable way to adhere to your rules and procedures. RDP has numerous features designed to enhance your bonus time program:

  • Owners can take advantage of discounted rates
  • Rules and restrictions generally apply
  • Wait list for bonus time reservation requests
  • Fill otherwise vacant units with revenue
  • Bonus programs configured with automatic rate calculation by season
  • Complete reporting on all bonus activity

Invoice Owners

Save time and ensure all your costs are correctly billed to owners using RDP’s automated owner invoicing. The system is designed to handle all the functions related to billing owners for their dues and other charges, including:

  • Automatically post dues
  • Unique dues per owner if needed
  • Custom formatted statements for mailing
  • Statements customized with your branding
  • Automatically notified owners statement is available
  • Automatically email PDF statement
  • Owners can check balances on owner portal
  • An Integrated General Ledger shows all owner charges and payments

Rent Owner Time and Pay Owners

Create revenue opportunities for your owner and property by renting all or part of the owner’s time. Automatically track revenue splits, costs, and full reporting on rentals. The system includes the ability for management to rent all or part of the owner’s time for any ownership type. Numerous capabilities include:

  • Automatically generate owner statement to pay owner portion of rental income
  • One reservation can span two or more owners and automatically pay the correct share of the reservation to each owner
  • Customize statement to show all revenue, costs, management fees, and more
  • Overdue amounts from previous statements can be deducted from current rental revenue

Owner Dues and Receivables

Ensure proper posting and billing of your member dues using RDP’s recurring charges.  Configure the system with any dues plan to fit your current operation.

RDP’s dues features include:

  • Unique dues per owner
  • Monthly, quarterly, annually or other dues posting
  • Post dues to every owner with one click
  • Review dues screen before posting
  • Track ageing receivables
  • Charge late fees and interest

Auto Load Owner Reservations

Saves time and eliminate user entry errors with RDP’s signature feature to auto load owner reservations following all your customized week configurations. The system automatically loads reservations up to four years in advance, optionally assign dates and room number or room type only.  After weeks are loaded, owners can occupy their week, exchange it with one of the exchange programs, or put all or part of the time up for rental.

Automated Email and Texting

Enhance your guest and owner experience by using RDPWin to send text message communications to your guests directly from the system. Texting features include text templates, automated customization of text to include name and reservation number, mass texting to any list created in RDPWin, automated text scheduling, text waiting guest when room is ready, and more.

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