Email Automation for Confirmations, Marketing and Guest Correspondence

Automate Email Communication for Easy Reservations

These confirmations can be completely customized for the desired information and appearance. Any system report can be sent via e-mail to a person or group in your address book. For example, email the daily managers report to a group of ten managers with just one process. Email is one of the most powerful and least expensive marketing tools available and has been fully incorporated into the core RDP system at no additional charge.

HTML Email Communication Module

Enhance guest communication with integrated HTML emails that match your website’s look and feel. Minimize spam filters and reach customers by including information in the email body. Send professional confirmations, pre-arrival emails, folios, and special offers. Remind guests of upcoming stays and collect advance deposits. Automate departure letters and add hyperlinks and graphics for a visually appealing experience. Boost revenue with advertisements for amenities, restaurants, events, and activities.

When paired with RDPWin’s Survey & Guest Communication Module, it greatly increases the rate of returned surveys. Include a link to the survey on a Thank You email that can be automatically sent to the guest upon departure.

Email Features Included in the System

  • Integrated HTML email capabilities for confirmations, surveys, and more.
  • Email databases for guests, agents, groups, wholesalers, and owners.
  • Automatic email confirmations with attachments and maps.
  • Multiple email addresses per reservation.
  • Direct mass email sending from RDP System.
  • Compliance with anti-SPAM regulations.
  • Print/mail or email/fax guest confirmations.
  • Crystal Reports distribution via email.
  • Automatic email confirmations for IRMng reservations.

Email is one of the most powerful and least expensive marketing tools available and has been fully incorporated into the core RDP system at no additional charge.


As part of the Guest Survey Module, separately as a standalone module, elevate your guest interactions, create visually appealing emails, and optimize guest survey responses. Contact our RDP Sales team for more information or to get started with the Guest Survey & Communication module.


Guest confirmations can be sent to guests via email or printed and sent through traditional mail.  Confirmation are easy to modified using Crystal Reports. Send Crystal Reports confirmations as Adobe PDF attachments.


RDP can store as many email addresses on a reservation as needed. Confirmations, folios or other information can be sent to one or all of the emails on file for the reservation.


RDPWin can automatically send email confirmations using the RDPWin Monitor.  Confirmations formats include HTML, plain text, Adobe, or Word (using Crystal Reports). Include additional attachments with the email, such as a map to the property or reservation cancellation policies. Reservations made using any of the RDP products receive the same email automatically.

Mass Email Features

Easily reach out to your guests, groups, owners, and travel agents through RDPWin’s mass email feature. With this convenient tool, you can send automated emails without the need for additional software. Target specific recipients based on criteria like recent stays within the last 6 months. The system ensures that only valid email addresses are used, increasing the chances of successful delivery. Rest assured that your email campaigns comply with anti-spam regulations, as guests have the option to opt-out or unsubscribe from future communications. Simplify your communication process with RDP’s user-friendly mass email feature.

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