External Documents and Pictures Module

Easily Manage / Store a Variety of External Documents and Pictures

Enjoy compatibility with various file types including Adobe PDF, Word, Excel, JPEG, GIF, HTML, and more.

Simplify Document Management

This feature allows you to securely store signed rental contracts in Adobe PDF format, along with Word documents containing additional reservation details or owner information. You can also conveniently scan and store important documents like passports or driver’s licenses. The module is versatile, allowing you to store signed copies of confirmation letters or registration cards. Additionally, you can display activity vendor information, such as services offered, operating hours, and pricing.

RDP’s “External Documents and Pictures” module can be used in conjunction with Docusign to store signed documents and link them to guests, owners, etc.

Using DOCUSIGN for Signature Capture

  • Create a Docusign account, then purchase and install the “External Documents and Pictures” module from RDP.
  • Create your document using Crystal Reports and save it as a PDF.
  • Upload the document to Docusign and send it to the guest’s email.
  • The guest can access the document from their email, sign it, and save it.
  • Once signed, the document is emailed to the address used to create the Docusign account.
  • Save the signed document to the designated folder in RDP with a naming convention.
  • Guests can have multiple documents linked to their guest history number.
  • Access the documents from the reservation screen in RDP on the guest history tab.

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