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RDP seamlessly manages all aspects of long-term, short-term, group reservations, group blocks, availability, guests, and payments. Reservations are easily handled through our interactive tape chart and the single screen data entry, which displays all reservation and guest data. Key features include the ability to manage multiple room reservations, whether booked directly or online, lock-offs, folios, real time inventory, and more


Front Desk

RDP’s Front Desk features optimize your guest-facing operations, providing the fastest and most efficient check-in, check-out and reservation management experience. The Front Desk portion of the RDP system includes direct integration with online reservations, credit card processing, room key generation, charge posting, activity and concierge additions, share-with features and more. These features enhance the overall guest experience and streamline your front desk operations.

Work Orders & Maintenance

Automate work order requests, preventative maintenance, fixed asset inventory and management of vendors with RDP’s Work Order Management software. The Work Order features include real-time tracking of the status of all work orders, assignment to internal or external vendors, integration with Front Desk, mobile device compatibility, notifications, convenient billing options for reservations or owners, recurring work order scheduling, recurring billing capabilities, comprehensive asset management and much more. RDP’s Work Order Management software helps you efficiently organize your maintenance operations


RDP’s Housekeeping Software is specifically designed to enhance the end-to-end process of your housekeeping department, offering full customization to suit your unique operation. The housekeeping features encompass forecasting staff requirements, daily scheduling, historical data tracking, mobile device for housekeepers, and more. With RDP’s Housekeeping Software, you can streamline your housekeeping operations and optimize efficiency.

Central Availability

For properties with multiple locations, RDP offers the ability to centralize reservations, inventory management, guest history, and rewards programs, resulting in an enhanced guest experience and improved marketing capabilities. The Central Reservation features enable users to search rates and availability across all properties in person or online, ensure last room availability, access guest preferences, view comprehensive guest history from all properties, centralize rewards points and more. With RDP software, you can effectively streamline operations and provide a seamless guest experience across multiple properties

Change Tracking

Provide transparency to your managers and reservationists by offering a comprehensive history of all system changes, including when, who and what got changed. With Change Tracking, you can access a complete record of the date, time, user data, and the reservation’s status before and after each change. The feature also offers detailed reporting, categorization of change types, user-type restrictions, and more. Changes are tracked by entity changed (reservation, owner, guest history, etc.), by the login name and change date.  This level of transparency and documentation ensures accountability and enables effective management of system modifications.


The RDP Dashboard feature has two sections.  One section allows various standard parts of RDPWin to be combined on to one screen.  The front desk can have the arrivals list, in-house list and departure list all showing at once in different quadrants of the screen.  These configurations of screens are saved on a per login basis, so each person can customize for their purposes.

The other feature of the Dashboard system is a starting screen for RDPWin with up to 24 tiles showing statistics for the House, Occupancy, Housekeeping & Work orders and Revenue for the day for in-house guests.  Each tile allows a list of what makes up the statistic.  For instance Arrivals might display 54 and then if Quick List is selected a list of 54 arrivals will appear.  From the list, many of the standard reservation functions are available, such as check-in.  The statistics are updated automatically and cached to ease the system burden.

Dashboard & Messaging


Gain transparency throughout all aspects of your business with industry leading data insights, reporting and customized data exporting powered by award award winning Crystal Reports. RDPWin comes stock with over 600 reports grouped by department, all customizable for your needs. Additional features including user customization with Crystal Reports, emailing reports to employees on a schedule or guests directly from the system, export any onscreen data in RDP to Excel, PDF, CSV and more.

RDPWin also comes with very powerful analysis grids which can be sorted, grouped and filtered and then can be printed or exported to Excel or PDF files.

Contactless Check-In

Enhance your guest experience by providing the fastest, safest, and easiest check-in process with RDP’s Contactless Check-In features. Guests receive a customizable email confirmation containing a link to conveniently Check-in or out, which includes any necessary or optional information from their reservation comments, vehicle details, or contact information. Moreover, the system automatically authorizes the credit card and captures the guest’s signature using their own phone or tablet.

Guest History

Utilize your past guests’ history to enhance their future guest experience by providing preferred services, personalized treatment, and up-sell opportunities. RDP’s guest history features enable simplified access to reservation history, tracking of past preferences, identification of previous up-sell opportunities, streamlined reporting, centralized access for all employees across all locations, quick reservations for returning guests, creation of a single guest profile for those with multiple stays, and more. By leveraging guest history, you can tailor your services to individual preferences, deliver exceptional experiences, and maximize revenue generation.

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