Crystal Reports

Effortlessly Generate Customized Reports with Crystal Reports Integration

Used as the basis for over 600 reports, we provide a user-friendly interface that allows you to design visually appealing reports with graphics, colors, charts, and fonts. This enables you to create professional-looking internal reports and guest correspondence that perfectly align with your brand identity.

Reporting Has Never Been More Simple

Leverage the power of Crystal Reports, a renowned report writing tool, to offer our customers a comprehensive library of over 600 reports.

With Crystal Reports, you have the flexibility to modify any of these reports or create new ones according to your specific requirements.

During the installation process, our team will make necessary modifications to some reports and confirmations to ensure a seamless integration with your system. However, once the installation is complete, it becomes your responsibility to utilize Crystal Reports to further customize or create new reports and confirmations.

Rest assured, our support team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the use of Crystal Reports 2011. We provide complimentary support for Crystal Reports usage, ensuring you have the guidance you need at no additional cost.

Report Writer Module

RDP provides over 600 standard reports with the Report Writer module.  These reports can be used as is and also serve as a template for creating custom reports.  RDP is continuously adding new standard reports.  All new standard reports are provided to those customers with a current support contract at no additional charge.

Features Include:

  • Automatically create a wide variety of graphical reports.
  • Add images, clip art or logos to any report.
  • Export reports to a wide variety of standard formats including HTML, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF and e-mail.
  • Create mailing labels for guests, travel agents, groups, and companies using “four across” labels and a laser printer.
  • Eliminate mailing costs by sending confirmation and marketing materials via e-mail.
  • Direct access to all RDP data files.

Generate highly customized reports that provide valuable insights into your business operations and unlock the full potential of your data with our integrated Reporting solution.

RDPWin & Report Writer

Reports appear on a primary screen within RDPWin.  They also appear in various RDPWin sections.

Areas of the sample screen are:

Navigation: Navigation area allows switching from the Reports listing to sending e-mails to guests or other masters.  The Security option allows only certain users to have access on a report-by-report basis.

E-Mail: Confirmations and other reports can be sent via e-mail.  Send mass e-mails to past guests, travel agents, groups and owners.  See RDP E-mail for details.

Security: Each report can be assigned security.  For example, a front desk clerk may be able to view the arrival report but not the daily revenue totals.  If a given user does not have proper security access to a report folder, the folder does not appear as an option.

Report Folders: Reports are separated into categories by folder name, such as Front Desk, Night Audit, etc.  As you create new reports, the can be added to an existing folder or a new folder.

Report Names: Names of all reports in a folder can be reviewed.  In the example below, the category is Owner.  If the user does not have the proper security setting for a given report, it does not appear in the list.

Report Description: A short description of the highlighted report appears below the reports listing.

Customize Crystal Reports with RDP

RDP offers over 600 Crystal Reports that can be easily viewed and printed without additional training. With Crystal Reports Designer, customers can make simple modifications to reports or create entirely new ones.

For those unfamiliar with the software, RDP provides training courses throughout the year at our headquarters in Vail, Colorado. Gain the ability to make complex report changes and develop customized reports to meet your specific requirements. Contact RDP Sales for more information on training schedules and start leveraging the power of Crystal Reports with RDP.


  • Overview of all reports
  • Changing confirmations
  • Inserting pictures
  • Formatting: Fonts, Colors, Lines and Boxes
  • Exporting data to Excel, Word, HTML
  • Grouping and sorting for summaries
  • Combining fields and text objects


  • Creating new reports
  • Advanced formulas and graphs
  • Linking tables
  • Using sub-reports
  • Cross-tab reports
  • Parameters
  • Mass e-mail capabilities for marketing

Unlock the Power of Booking Pace and Occupancy Forecasting with RDP. Start utilizing the module’s dozen reports today and benefit from future enhancements driven by customer feedback and requests.

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