Access RDP Data with our PMS Software API

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RDP offers our own booking engine, Internet Reservation Module (IRM). The RDP API provides the ability to access RDP data and integrate with a marketing website. Please note that the RDP API must be purchased from RDP.

RDP API Implementation

The RDP API provides access to the RDP database implemented as a REST API. Please contact RDP Sales for more information.


Most RDP customers use the IRM without the API.  The IRM is highly customizable using custom content and CSS. When styled skillfully, it appears to the guest, that the IRM is part of the marketing site.


There are several levels of implementing the RDP API.  The first has the marketing site request availability from the API.  Availability can either be a list of available rooms for those customers that preassign rooms or a list of available room types for those that don’t assign specific room numbers. Rates can be retrieved from the API and displayed for available rooms.

Reservations can be booked directly via the RDP REST API or alternatively, the booking can be completed using RDP’s IRM, online booking engine.

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