Work Orders and Asset Management

Work Order and Asset Management

There are three main functions for this module:

  1. Work Orders: Track all maintenance on the property in the rental units and outside of them.  Recurring work orders for scheduled maintenance are also included.
  2. Asset Management: Keep a list of all maintenance assets, even those in inventory.
  3. Tasks: Action items that are either attached to the room/area or to the guest (reservation).

This module integrates with the reservation, front desk and owner biling parts of the system.

This is an optional module.  Please contact RDP Sales for a demonstration and a price quote.

Mobile Work Orders

The Mobile Work Orders module adds the ability to have maintenance workers view and change their work orders while being connected directly to the database allowing efficient two-way communication through phones or tablets.

While a normal worker only sees the work orders assigned to them, a manager will see all work orders and can assign or reassign work orders as needed.

Notes and comments can be added or changed by anyone with access to those work orders.

This module requires a mobile device with a cellular or wifi internet connection.  Any tablet or phone with a browser will be compatible.  The software is device agnostic.

Mobile Work Order Features

  • Notify maintenance of a work order
  • Enter Time spent on a work order
  • Add a picture
  • Add a document
  • Enter notes and comments on the work order
  • Change work order status (Close)
  • Enter a new work order
View Mobile Work Order Tablet
View Mobile Work Order Phone

Flow of Events: A guest arrives in their room and the television is broken

Step 1: Work Order Created

The front desk clerk takes the information from the guest and uses the Add Work Order screen to simply enter a work order for the broken television in that specific room and priority.

Step 2: Work Order Assigned

The maintenance manager will see the new work order on the Work Order Monitor screen.  That work order would then be assigned to an in-house maintenance tech or an outside vendor.

The manager can include other comments or notes on the assigned work order and change the priority if needed.

Step 3: Work Order Received

If the work order was assigned to an in-house maintenance tech, that person can be notified on a mobile device if the Mobile Work Orders module is installed.  If not, the notification can be through normal means of texting or using a radio.

Step 4: Work Order Completed

The maintenance tech could use the Asset Management integrated into the work order system to select a new television from inventory.  This would track the serial number, TV vendor and possible replacement TV all at once.

Once the new TV was installed, the work order would be marked as Closed.  This can be done easily by the maintenance tech on a mobile device if Mobile Work Orders is installed.  Otherwise, it can be called down to a manager to use RDPWin to close the work order.  Comments and notes can be added for tracking or historical reporting.

Work Order Monitor

The central part of the Work Order module is the Monitor.  All information about work orders in the system can be viewed and modified with this one screen.  There is an extensive amount of information on each work order.  The grid allows sorting of one or more columns, filtering on most columns, pinning of columns so they don’t scroll and export to PDF or Excel formats.

See the image below.

Some of the Monitor viewing options are mentioned below.

New Displays work orders that have not yet been assigned to a vendor
Open Displays work orders that have been assigned to a vendor, but are not complete
New & Open Displays both the New and Open work orders at the same time
Closed Displays work orders that have been completed
Cancelled Displays work orders that were cancelled before being completed
High  Priority The high priority work orders can be sorted to display them at the top of the Monitor by using the sort option in the priority column
View Vendors The Monitor can be filtered to display work orders assigned to one or all vendors.  All work orders of any status (New, Open,or Closed) can be listed.
Auto Refresh The Monitor can be used to show a current snapshot of work orders.  It automatically refreshes, based on resort level configuration, as work orders are completed and work orders are added.
View Work Order Monitor

Entry/Change Work Order Screen

Work orders can be added and changed utilizing one screen.  For example, the guest may call the front desk to report a leak in the bathroom.  The front desk clerk can add the work order as can housekeeping or maintenance.  The Monitor screen refreshes to show any new work orders.  The maintenance department then assigns a vendor using the Work Order Change screen, which causes the status of the work order to be changed to Open for that vendor.  The vendor can also be assigned as a new work order is being entered.

Field Description
Request Type Select from a configurable list like Broken, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.
Request Taken From Select from a configurable list like Front Desk, Guest, Housekeeping, etc.
Reservation Number The reservation number of the guest (optional)
Location All room numbers plus any configured locations such as pool, lobby, etc.
Asset To Fix The thing to be fixed such as the TV in Room 101
Access to Unit Indicates if the guest will allow access or there is no guest
Priority Configurable options such as High, Normal and Low
Reported User-defined table, for example, check-in, checkout, etc.
Entry Date and Time Automatically generated
Entered By Automatically generated
Description Short description (Comments and Notes are also available)
Closed By Assigned by the system
Vendor/Supplier Stamped with name of original Vendor upon entry of asset into RDPWin.
Assign (button) Will stamp Vendor field with original Vendor/Supplier information.
Assigned To Select from a configurable list of in-house and outside vendors
Assigned Date and Time Updated automatically when a vendor is assigned
Requested Start Date and Time Select from calendar or enter directly
Requested End Date Select from a  calendar or enter directly
Date Started Select from a calendar or enter directly
Completion Date/Time Assigned automatically when the work order is closed
Time Spent Assigned automatically when the work order is closed
View Work Order Entry Screen

Asset Management

This is a comprehensive part of the Work Order module.  All assets in rooms, pool areas, common areas and more can be entered into the system.  Some of the asset attributes are:

  • Asset Type (Configurable)
  • Part Number & Serial Number
  • Vendor purchased from
    • Dates For: Purchased, Received, Warranty & Installation
    • Backup Vendor
  • Original Cost & Mark-up
  • Location & Sub-Location
  • Status (Configurable: Inventory, Installed, Replaced, etc.)
  • Photos & Documents
  • Audit survey information for tracking the current quality of an asset

For example, all mini-refrigerators in all rooms can be tracked, along with the make, model, serial number and vendor to call for repair.  All work orders for a particular asset can be viewed to provide a repair history.

View Work Order Asset Screen

Asset Entry Screen Fields

Field Description
Vendor The Vendor that provided the asset and will most likely be contacted for repairs
Asset Type Select from a configurable list like TV, Refrigerator, etc.
– Room
– Property
– Building
The current location of the asset such as:

  • 123 (Room Number)
  • Inventory
  • Pool Area 1
  • Conference Room 13
Serial# Serial number of the asset
Description Short description of the asset (comments and notes are also available)
Status Configurable status like Installed, Inventory, Being Repaired, etc.
Part# Also Serial# and Cost fields

Integration With Other Parts of RDPWin

if adding a new work order to a room, it can easily be taken out of order.  This is an optional step.  A vendor added to the work order can receive an email or text to notify them of the work needed.

Completed work orders can have a cost associated with them.  This cost can be made up of labor and assets used.  There is also an optional markup percentage available.  Each vendor (in-house or outside) can be assigned an hourly rate.  Each asset can be assigned a cost.  When a vendor completes the work order, the Time Spent can be entered along with the assets used.  The system will automatically tally up the total cost.  Also, the total cost can be entered manually to override any existing cost.

In addition, the cost of the work done can be billed to guests, groups, or condominium owners.  In the case of the guest being billed, the charge will appear on the guest folio.  For groups, it will go on the group master account and be part of the next billing cycle.  It is the same for the owner as well.

Other areas of integration:

  • Owners have a Work Orders tab for viewing, adding or changing work orders
  • Reservations have a Tasks tab for viewing, adding or changing tasks
  • Rooms have an Assets tab for viewing, adding or changing assets

Notifications: Email, Text or Mobile Device

One of the major problems at many properties is how to notify the Maintenance Department that there is something in need of maintenance.  New and completed work orders can notify various people on property of the status change by sending an email or a text.  If using Mobile Work Orders, then the mobile device would also show any changes that have been made by other people.

Once in the system, the work order can be tracked easily by any user on the RDPWin system.

Employees can view:

  • Vendor name, address and phone number
  • Reported date and time
  • Date of last modification
  • Work order number and vendor assigned
  • Description of problem and location
  • Date work order was assigned
  • When the work order was completed


The Work Order module can also be used for tasks that might be outside the normal maintenance department’s scope.  Tasks are either attached to a room or a guest.  The difference is that if assigned to a guest, if the guest changes rooms, the task follows them.  If it is attached to a room, there is no change for any guest movement in or out of the room.

A task can be assigned to anyone on property and might be something like bringing champagne to the guest or closing the curtains in room 345 because of sun glare.  Tasks can go along with work orders.  For example, there might be a task to check/clean up after a wall repair in a room.

  • Work Order Monitor tracks all tasks along with work orders
  • Tasks can be assigned to anyone on or off property
  • Each reservation has a Tasks tab to view, change or add tasks

Recurring Work Orders & Tasks

Work Order Features:

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Recurrence
    • Daily: Every X number of days or Every Weekday or Every Weekend
    • Weekly: Every X weeks and specific day of the week
    • Monthly: Every X months or a specific day of the month
    • Yearly: Specific day of year or day of months
  • Set the Starting and Ending Date Range
  • Set Priority
  • Set Location
  • Set Asset being maintained
  • Set Vendor (in-house or outside)
  • Set Start Time and Allotted Time
  • Bill to guest, group or owner

Task Features:

  • All of the above features for Work Orders are available for Tasks
  • Specify a Res Type (paying guest, long term, owner, guest of owner, etc.)
  • Create Task on Arrival or Departure
  • Create Task X days before arrival
  • Create Task X days after departure


As part of the optional Dashboard module, a work order dashboard can be configured.


  • Can include the Work Order Monitor as well as a graph of current work order status
  • Specify Monitor settings
    • New, Open or Closed
    • All or specific vendors
    • All Dates, Today or Next 7 Days
    • Refresh Rate
  • Specify Status Graph settings
    • New, Open or Closed
    • All or specific vendors
    • All Dates, Today or Next 7 Days
    • Refresh Rate
View Recurring Work Order Screen
View Work Order Dashboard

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