Vacation Rental Software Solutions

Revolutionize Vacation Management With Our Advanced Vacation Rental Software Solutions

Features Include Reservations PLUS Owner Management

RDP’s vacation rental software solutions efficiently handle diverse vacation ownership structures like multiple owners for one rental unit. The system has a complete owner billing system which will track revenue share to owners, owner tax reporting, receivables and more. The owner billing system integrates with the work order system so that owners can track and enter their own work orders and any work done on an owner’s unit can be billed to that owner. The system provides for owner, guest of owner and owner referral reservations. A complete owner portal is provided as part of the IRM which allows owners to view reservations, owner statements, unit calendar, work orders and notices from property manager. Owners can also make payments on the owner portal if there is a balance due on their account. Experience the benefits of our system for your vacation rental operations.

Reservation System

Our vacation rental software solutions make it easier to manage all aspects of reservations, room inventory, groups, guests, and financials.

  • Manage reservations with our intuitive tape chart and reservation screens
  • Short-term and long-term reservations on the same unit
  • Folio billing for long-term guests
  • Multiple advanced deposits tracked
  • Security deposits and refunds easily applied
  • Rates can be calculated on a per unit type or per unit basis or mixed
  • Individual guests, families, groups or conferences

  • Multiple room reservations, lock-offs, sortable inventory and more
  • Group blocks with overbooking allowed and controlled by you
  • Minimum/Maximum stays and people (4 people categories can be defined)
  • Reservations with a room number assigned ahead of time or not
  • Direct check-out to streamline managers without a front desk
  • Automatic confirmations emailed at various stages of the reservation

Reservation Features Include:

  • Room preassigned or assigned at check-in
  • Long-Term reservations
  • Comp Reservations
  • Travel Agent Reservations & Accounting
  • Maintenance Blocks
  • Housekeeping Tracking
  • Guest Notes
  • Group Blocks
  • Group Reservations
  • Central Reservations
  • Statistical Tracking/Summaries/Reporting
  • Extensive Rate Structures
  • Guest Comments
  • General Ledger Accounting with Export to Accounting system
  • Change Tracking
  • Advance Deposits
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Email Confirmations: New, Change, Cancel, Check-in, Check-out and more
  • Text Guests
  • Guest History

Owner Management & Accounting

Powerful Ownership Module puts you in charge.

Streamline owner management with our comprehensive vacation rental software solutions. From reservations to owner billing, our system simplifies processes and enhances owner satisfaction. Experience ease and efficiency for your property’s success.

Owner Management Features Include:

  • Tape Chart
  • Owner Reservation
  • Guest of Owner Reservation
  • Owner Referral Reservation
  • Owner Confirmations
  • Text Owners
  • Change Tracking
  • Owner Statements & Checks
  • Full Owner Monthly Accounting
  • HOA Integration
  • Recurring Charges
  • Res Related Charges
  • Track Interest & Late Fees
  • Pay Owner Bills
  • Secondary Owners
  • Email Owners
  • Integrated Work Orders
  • Owner Portal
  • Owner 1099/1042 Forms
  • Owner Comments
  • Owner Notes

Powerful Core Features Simplify Everything

Our core features can handle your property management, improve your guest experiences, manage your revenue, add valuable mobile functionality, takes care of back office operations, and can be integrated with just about any 3rd party provider. In addition to this, there’s even more to explore depending on your property type and individual needs. Learn how RDP’s powerful features can help your property in the outline below.

Features designed to streamline the operations and organization of all aspects of your property. Learn more about our Property Management Software Features.

RDP’s features streamline accounting, owner management, credit cards and your team all in a single system. Learn more about our Back Office Management Features.

Cutting edge integrations to 3rd party providers allow a single PMS system with access to industry leading partnerships. Learn more about our Integration Capabilities.

Core system functionality is cloud based, accessible from any web browser on any device. Learn more about our Mobile Application Features.

RDP is designed to increase your revenue with automated rates, yield management and reporting. Learn more about our Revenue Management Features. 

RDP has numerous guest touch-points designed specifically to improve the guest experience at all stages. Learn more about our Guest Experience Features.

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