Reservations Overview

Flexible Reservation Features for Every Need

The RDP system allows short term and long term reservations for Hotels, Resorts, Condominiums, Vacation Rentals, Timeshare Resorts, RV/Campsites, Boat slips, Parking Places etc. The system is designed to allow simultaneous reservations from internal reservationists, RDP’s commission free Internet Booking Engine, the Global Distribution System (GDS), Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) and other reservations sources.

Internet Reservation Module (IRM)

Commission-free reservations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from website guests using the Internet direct into the RDP database. IRM is a responsive application that detects the type of device (phone, tablet, desktop) accessing the site and automatically adjusts the size of pictures and text to match. IRM is built on the latest software technology with speed and responsiveness as its cornerstones.

Phone & Tablet Reservations

Over 40% of all guests use their phone or Tablet. With RDP’s IRM you will get your share of this important reservation channel. It is part of our fully responsive IRM (Internet Reservation Module Booking Engine) that allows guests to make reservations using any Smartphone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection and a browser.

Corporate Rental Reservations

The system offers special features designed specifically for the corporate rental and interim housing marketplaces. RDP has customers in major cities that manage hundreds of apartments in places like Chicago or Washington D.C. that are rented for a few days or several months at a time. Their target guest is one who has been transferred and needs a place to live while looking for housing, as well as guests who are on temporary assignments.

Central Reservations

Allow hotel guests to use over 400 Internet booking websites to make reservations that are automatically loaded into RDP using the RDP-GDS Interface. We are pleased to announce a new two way interface to the Global Distribution System [GDS] via the SynXis / Sabre Hospitality suite of products and services.  If already a customer of both RDP and SynXis, this interface eases the process of gaining more reservations!

Reservations can be made for a single room or multiple rooms to accommodate the requirements of an individual guest, family, group, or large conference.


Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

Allow hotel guests to use over 400 Internet booking websites to make reservations that are automatically loaded into RDP using the RDP-GDS Interface. We are pleased to announce a new two way interface to the Global Distribution System [GDS] via the SynXis / Sabre Hospitality suite of products and services.  If already a customer of both RDP and SynXis, this interface eases the process of gaining more reservations!

Assigning Room Numbers to Reservations

Most hotel customers assign a room type during the reservation process, and then assign the room number closer to or at check-in, based on which rooms are clean and available.  However, customers using the owner accounting system often assign the room number during the reservation process.  You can assign room numbers during the reservation process, anytime prior to arrival, or upon arrival.  Guests can also switch rooms after arrival, and the owner accounting module will pay the owner of each unit the correct amount.

Reservation Availability Linked to Work Orders

The reservation system is fully integrated with RDP’s Work Orders and Asset Management module.  For example, assume a room has been damaged and will be out of service for four days to complete repairs.  When the work order is entered for this room, the system automatically removes the room from availability.

Reservation System Linked to Housekeeping

The reservation system is linked to the Housekeeping module.  Specified clean patterns and clean types can be configured and automatically added to the housekeeping schedule. Clean times and costs can be tracked for each reservation.

Rent Rooms, Condominiums, Campsites, etc.

The reservation system can be used to reserve a wide variety of entities, including:

  • Hotel, motel, and resort rooms
  • Individually owned condominiums or houses
  • Timeshare resorts, including fixed and float week, quarter share, points, etc.
  • Conference rooms
  • Campsites
  • Yachts, boats, marina slips, or parking spaces
  • Snowmobiles, golf carts or other recreational vehicles

Reserve Multiple Rooms or Other Items

After making the reservation for the room, unit, campsite, house or other primary rental, the system can make reservations and track availability/rates for a wide variety of additional items.   Some examples of how customers use this feature include:

  • Reserve a room and then quickly add additional rooms for family members and friends
  • Reserve a room and then a boat slip at the Marina
  • Add a reservation for a parking space
  • Reserve a conference room for all or part of the visit

It is also possible to sell and reserve other additional items that are in time periods shorter than one day using the activity scheduling module.

Long Term Reservation Features

Long term reservations can be created for guests staying between 30 days – 4 years. The long term reservations can calculate monthly rent with the ability to override and pro-rate rent. Each property can define rules for which reservations constitute as long term based on the length of stay or tax status.

  • Require long term reservation for stays longer than a specified number of nights.
  • Next month’s rent can be due on a configured day of the month, i.e. 1st or 25th of each month.
  • Require 1st month’s rent due a certain number of days prior to arrival or from the reservation entry date.
  • Set a tax exempt status for all reservations longer than a specified number of nights based the individual property’s tax rules.
  • The ability to email or send statements or invoices on a monthly basis to guests as a notification of rent due or of other charges that have incurred.

Automated Email Reservation Confirmations

Email is one of the most powerful and least expensive marketing tools available and has been fully incorporated into the RDP system at no additional charge. Email features include:

  • Automated email confirmations for guests and owner statements
  • Email marketing for guests, travel agents, groups, wholesalers, and owners
  • Direct mass email capabilities
  • Easy email communication with guests, including attachments
  • Compliance with anti-SPAM regulations
  • Crystal Reports distributed via email
  • Automatic email confirmations for reservations
  • Automated owner newsletters via email
  • Guest surveys with thank-you emails

Automatic Room Charge Calculation

The reservation system automatically calculates the total room charge for each reservation based on the rates entered.  Up to 52 unique seasonal rates are possible for each room type or room number. Weekly rates and other time period rates are allowed.  Extra person charges are automatically calculated.  If a reservation is changed, the estimated total room charge is automatically recalculated.  Rates can also be established for each unit number, which is often a requirement for condominium rental customers.

Calculate Additional Reservation Charges

The system can calculate various additional charges, such as a booking fee, resort fee, gratuity, pet charge, housekeeping fee, etc.  Many customers have used this ability to increase the total revenue.  These charges can be calculated as a flat fee, a percentage of total room charges, or based on the room type or room number.

Extensive Package Capabilities

Packages are included with the core reservation system. They allow the creation of thousands of packages, each with up to 99 unique components.

A reservationist only enters the arrival date, departure date, and number of guests. The system calculates the correct package charge for all possible seasons, unit types, and components.

  • Single line item on guest folio
  • Integration with Internet Reservation Module (IRM)
  • Quick creation of new packages
  • Mix of packages and non-packages in one reservation
  • Automatic calculation based on seasons, weekends, holidays, etc.
  • Unique account numbers for each component
  • Flexible payment options for condominium owners
  • Support for daily and one-time components
  • Manual price override with management password
  • Canadian tax compliance (PST, GST, HST)
  • Detailed package descriptions
  • Application of package rules (e.g., minimum stay, arrival restrictions)

Rate Plan Patterns (Time Period Rates)

Rate plan patterns can be used to offer a free night periodically during the stay, or a discounted rate after a number of days.  The table below shows two examples.   With Controlling rate plan PAT1, the guest is offered a free night every 4th night.   The reservationist would only have to select the PAT1 and the system would automatically assign the rate plans to an eight day reservation as shown in the column labeled PAT1.

Controlling Rate Plan PAT2 offers a 10% discounted rate (10DC) after three nights, and 20% discount after six nights.  Again, all the reservationist has to do is select PAT2 – the rest is automatic.

Day #Controlling Rate Plan PAT1Controlling Rate Plan PAT2

Golf Tee-Time Booking

The RDP reservation system includes extensive capabilities for booking golf tee-times.  For example, several customers in the Myrtle Beach area have reservation packages that include golf at over 100 golf courses in the area.  The package includes one round per person per day at any medium quality golf course in the area.  For an additional charge, which is different for each course, the guest can play other higher quality courses.  The system tracks:

  • Which courses are included in the package
  • The unique price for each higher quality course for each different season of each course
  • Pricing for golf cart rentals
  • How many rounds were actually played by each guest  (did they exceed the package limits?)

The system also prints vouchers for the guest to take to the golf course and an itinerary for each guest showing when and where they will play each day.

Travel Agent & Wholesaler Features

The reservation system includes an automatic interface to the travel agent payables system.  The system calculates the commission and prints a statement and check to each travel agent showing all commissions for the period.

Room Description as Search Criteria

A complete description of each unit number can be entered, including an inventory of all items in the room.  This information can be used as a search criteria during the reservation process.  For example, a condominium rental company can search for all condos that are located in Beaver Creek with a fireplace and hotel reservationists can search for all non-smoking rooms with handicapped access.

Reservation Changes via Tape Chart

Many properties used a manual reservation tape chart prior to installing the RDP property management system.  A manual tape chart provided management the ability to quickly view reservations.  Reservations were changed on a wall mounted tape chart by moving the tape from one unit number to another. The RDP system displays pre-assigned reservations up to four years into the future through a calendar Tape Chart.  The tape chart can display detailed reservation information by selecting a reservation with the cursor.  Different reservation types are distinguished by unique colors and are assigned a letter (such as “P” is a pre-assigned reservation, “O” for an owner reservation, and “X” is a room scheduled for maintenance).

Reservations are moved from one room to another, and/or from one time period to another, all from one screen.  The system automatically recalculates the total room charge if a guest is moved from one unit type to another.  Fast and easy room moves allow for efficient booking of reservations to help sell the property to 100%.

Advance Deposit and Security Ledgers

The system tracks the date and amount of each advance deposit.  A report of all deposits due on any given day is available. RDP has the ability to schedule 2 different deposit due dates and amounts, with the ability to collect any numerous advanced deposits. All paid deposits are included on the advance deposit ledger, which are printed each night as part of the standard night audit procedures.

The system also supports the collection of a security deposit to insure against room damage. The security deposit is tracked throughout the system.  Itemized charges can be posted against the security deposit if damages are incurred. Additionally, at any time after checkout, a full or partial refund can be issued to the guest along with a statement of all charges.

Adjoining Rooms and Lock-Offs

The RDP system guarantees availability of adjoining rooms.  For example, assume there are two rooms with an adjoining door.  The system allows one reservation to hold these two specific rooms.

These “Lock-offs” are commonly encountered at condominium and timeshare properties.  An example of a lock-off is a three bedroom unit that can be rented as either three one-bedroom units, a two-bedroom and a one bedroom unit or a three-bedroom unit.  The system calculates rates based on the configuration of the unit.

Sort Rooms by Guest Requests and Best Fit

When a reservationist is checking for availability of rooms, RDP has the ability to narrow down the room selection by guest request or preferences. A guest may request to be on a lower floor in a room with a jacuzzi tub. The reservation can use these requests to narrow down or sort the rooms by this criteria. Each room can have up to 9 preferences, with an additional 9 available for the Internet Reservations Module.  Rooms can also be sorted by best fit in order maximize the occupancy of a room. The system can search for rooms with back-to-back reservations or look for rooms that have at least a day in between reservations in the case where a room may require extra time for housekeeping.

Print Registration Cards

The system can print registration cards for all guests arriving the next day, the morning of arrival or upon check in.  Registration cards can be customized for your property using Crystal Reports and can include anything from a parking pass with a property map to a charge card for the restaurant.

Print or Email Confirmations

When making a new reservation, the system can e-mail the confirmation to the guest with just one click or sent automatically using the RDPWin Monitor.

A Confirmation can be generated for the following:

  • New reservations requesting a deposit
  • Deposit received
  • Second deposit request
  • Reservation change notification
  • Reservation cancelled
  • Return of security deposit
  • Arrival reminder confirmation
  • Many other options

Sell Additional Items to Guests

Additional items can be sold to guests during the reservation process.  You can sell virtually any item such as golf packages, ski lift tickets, lessons, transportation, gift items, etc.  A complete guest itinerary can be created.  For example, you could book golf at 9:00 a.m., a massage at the Spa at 4:30 p.m., and a show ticket for 8:00 p.m.

Coupons or tickets can be printed and reconciled for every activity. It is an ideal solution for properties who utilize group itineraries, a concierge and guest services, and/or tour operators.

Yield Management

The reservation system is fully integrated with RDP’s Yield Management system which has been refined over the last 20 years to help customers maximize profits.  For example, the RDP customer who consulted on the design of the system purchased nine hotels for approximately $40 million. After instituting various changes, including RDP’s Yield Management system, the hotels were sold four years later for over $100 million.

Reservation Module Interfaces with Front Desk and Night Audit

All Reservations entered into the RDP system, whether from internal reservationists, the Internet Reservations Module (IRM), GDS Interface or Central Reservations are automatically seen by the Front Desk and Night Audit.  All advance deposits are automatically transferred to the guest ledger.  The reservation is checked-in and the guest is now considered In-house.  Payment can be made and a room assigned/changed during the check-in process.

Credit Card Interface with Reservations

RDP’s credit card interface is fully compatible with the reservation process.  If a deposit is required to hold the room, the reservationist enters the guest’s credit card number, and the system obtains an authorization immediately and automatically.

  • Inexpensive card swipes can be used
  • A wide variety of receipt printers are available
  • Reconcile the RDP system to the daily credit card bank deposit
  • All scanners and workstations taking credit card payments and authorizations are summarized to one deposit
  • Additional authorizations can be made to guests already checked-in
  • The credit card authorization is automatically matched to the sale at checkout
  • Multiple credit cards can be stored and used on a reservation:

Condominium Owner Module

The reservation system is fully integrated with RDP’s Condominium Owner Accounting module, which is designed for managing individually owned properties rented on a short-term and/or long-term basis. Reservation features that apply to this module include:

  • Owner and guest of owner reservations
  • Equalization of rental income among owners
  • Reservation revenue flows to owner statement
  • Management fees are automatically deducted
  • Travel agent commissions and credit card fees are deducted and can be split by any amount with management or paid for fully by the owner
  • Owners can make reservations, check account status, pay their balance, enter work orders, etc. using the Internet Reservation Module (IRM)

Guest History and Frequent Guest System

The standard RDP system includes a guest history database that is separate from reservation history.  If a guest stays at the property four different times, the system stores only one guest history record with four reservation records linked to it.  This allows only one email to be sent when using RDP’s Email Marketing System.

In addition to the standard guest history system described above, RDP offers the Frequent Guest/Guest Rewards module to track all guest visits at one or more properties.  Points can be awarded for each reservation or each dollar spent at the property.  The number of points can be different for different seasons, room types, total dollars spent, and other variables.  Guests can make reservations that use points as a method of payment.  Restrictions can be applied to control when “point reservations” are allowed.   A complete history is kept of all point reservations.

Denial Tracking

The RDP reservation system includes an optional module for Denial Tracking, which allows reservationists to determine why a guest did not book a room.  Perhaps the rate was too high or there was not enough conference space.  Proper analysis of denied reservations can lead to changing rates or policies to increase future bookings.

Reservation Reporting

RDP offers over 50 different reservation reports included with the core system. Reports showing reservations made today, reservations canceled, projected occupancy, reservations with deposits due, just to name a few are available. Also included is a very powerful Booking Report tool to track occupancy for entire calendar year using 7different occupancy criteria.

Another feature available is the Reservation Room Calendar, which allows you to view up to 4 selected rooms along with their reservations in a traditional calendar format. This calendar can be useful for unique properties that need to track availability for additional spaces such as ballrooms, race tracks, meeting rooms, etc.

Statistical Reports & Marketing

The system tracks month-to-date and year-to-date revenue for all group masters. Totals are printed monthly for the current year, monthly for the previous year, and quarterly. RDPWin’s powerful report writer allows you to change these reports to meet exact specifications.

The system prints mailing labels and customized letters to groups based on a wide variety of criteria. For example, a letter is written once and re-printed inserting every group’s name and address who stayed at the property the past five years. A different letter is written to all tentative groups that negotiated with the property but did not confirm.

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