Guest Survey & Communications Module

Unleash the Power of Guest Surveys: Unlimited Surveys, Limitless Insights

Guests access these surveys using their web browser. Survey results are stored in the RDP database, which allows the results to be seen on a variety of reports and RDPWin analysis screens. For example, if you view a past guest, all surveys completed by that guest can be viewed. Or search on all surveys that indicated the front desk service was poor.

Guest Opt-Out Option

One of the most important aspects of e-mail marketing is to provide an option for the guest to opt-out of future e-mails to conform to anti-spamming regulations.  The Guest Survey & Communications module can include the ability for the guest to opt-out, which will prevent the RDP e-mail system from sending this guest mass e-mails in the future.

Analyze Guest Survey Results

The guest survey allows each question and the type of answer to be configurable.  The survey results are stored immediately in the RDP database on your data server.  A variety of RDP tools and reports can be used to analyze these results.  For example, the Guest Survey Analysis grid can be used to display all guests who thought front desk service was poor or that the food was great.

Automatic Thank You Email with Optional Guest Folio

The Guest Survey and Communications Module can automatically send a thank you email to the guest after checkout. The wording of the thank you letter, as well as what pictures and logos to display, is completely in your control.

  • Thank you email is sent automatically to the guest after checkout, which can include a copy of the folio
  • Option to make a new reservation which links to IRM
  • Option to join your guest rewards program which links to Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Option to complete on-line comment card which links to survey page

Enhance Guest Feedback and Engagement

Provide a direct link to the guest survey/comment card through automatic emails sent at checkout or via the HTML Email. Guests can easily access and complete the surveys using their web browsers. Survey results are securely stored in the RDP database on your data server, allowing you to view and analyze the feedback immediately through various reports and RDPWin screens. Customize the survey questions and include options for free form comments, empowering guests to share their thoughts and suggestions. Additionally, guests have the option to opt-out of future emails, ensuring their preferences are respected.

Surveys help enhance guest experiences, make informed decisions, and drive continuous improvement leading to increased guest satisfaction and business success.

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