Room Key Interface Overview

Improve Guest Satisfaction with Faster Check-ins

Expedite your front desk procedure and offer your guest cutting edge features with mobile keys and integrated key generation. The key card encoding feature is available with VingCard Vision 3000 (Version 4.10 or higher), VingCard Vision 6.1 or higher with RFID card/encoder, Kaba Ilco Models: 700, 710, 740, 760, 770, and 790, as well as the Saflok System 6000.

Key Cards by VingCard with Micros POS

The room key created by the VingCard encoders can be used to post charges to the room using many Micros or compatible POS systems. The flow is as follows:

  • During check-in, the RDP VingCard interface encodes the room number on Track 2 of the VingCard room key.
  • The guest can go to any POS outlet, such as the restaurant or gift shop, and hand their room key to the clerk.
  • The clerk then swipes the room key on the Micros POS terminal which reads the room number from the card.
  • The Micros POS terminal sends the room number to RDP’s POS interface, which then looks up the guest in the room and sends the information back to the Micros POS terminal to display.

Note: If there are non-numeric characters in any of the room numbers, Micros cannot read the VingCard key cards without additional programming on the Micros POS system. The clerk sees the guest’s name on the POS terminal to confirm identity and can then charge the items to the guest’s folio.

Requirements to use the VingCard room key with a POS include:

  • VingCard Vision Version 4.1 or higher
  • RFID card/encoder requires VingCard Vision version 6.1 or higher
  • Point of sale (POS) systems with card readers capable of reading Track 2 data on magnetic cards.

In this case all room numbers in RDP must contain numeric characters only, such as 101. A room number such as A101 or 101A will not work because Track-2 cannot contain non-numeric data. Alternatively with the RDP – VingCard interface, it is possible to encode the room number on to Track 1 which accepts alpha-numeric data. If Track 1 is used, the Point-of-Sale system may need to be modified to enable it to read Track 1.

Kaba Ilco Key Lock Systems

RDP has developed an interface with Kaba Ilco key lock system.

  • RDP’s interface works with the following Kaba Ilco models: 700, 710, 740 760, 770, 790
  • The model 660 (or Oracode system) is not supported

RDP’s Kaba interface utilizes the FDU or Front Desk Unit interface system.  This system requires a Gateway II interface box and works with most older Kaba systems.  RDP uses this interface so that customers using FDU do not have to spend the money to upgrade to the newer interface system, ATLAS. RDP also interfaces with the Kaba ATLAS (Advanced Technology Lodging Access System) interface based on web services.  All new Kaba systems should use this interface.  The Gateway II interface box is not used with this configuration.

Dormakaba Saflok System 6000

Saflok System 6000 offers complete access control lock auditing, reporting, common area access, and restricted access.

Assa Abloy

We provide our customers with the most advanced electronic locking solutions for hotels including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) compatible locking technology, as well as a range of innovative and stylish electronic hotel locks.

Onity Lock Systems

With over 5 million electronic locks installed worldwide, Onity electronic locking systems are found at over 30,000 properties in 125 countries. Onity offers real solutions and reliable support for the Hospitality, Vacation Rental, Corporate, Education, Government and Marine markets. Whatever your requirements, Onity has an electronic locking solution to fit your needs.

Onity OnPortal System

OnPortal is Onity’s all-new lock management software: a scalable solution with roving check-in option and full access management. Built on research and feedback from front-desk agents on their routines and challenges, OnPortal is designed to deliver optimal efficiency, flexibility and guest satisfaction.​

Wireless Door Locks

RDP is pleased to announce the availability of an Interface Subscription to wireless door locks. The RDP-LockState Interface is sold on a subscription basis for $100/month, which includes interface support and product updates to the Interface.

LockState wireless door locks eliminate the need for key cards or physical keys.  The RDP system interfaces with LockState to generate a unique lock code for each reservation. The code is only valid during the guests stay.   The code can be sent to the guest via the RDP confirmation system.

The LockState-RDP solution is ideal for Vacation Rental companies who manage many houses in different locations.   Guests do not have to stop at a central location to pick up a key.  The solution can also be used for hotels or resorts who wish to eliminate key cards or physical keys.

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