IRM Booking Engine Chat

Improve Guest Booking with Live Agents / Chat Bots

IRM Chat allows your guests to ask questions to a live agent while making an online reservation. Reduce the number of phone calls and convert more reservations at a faster pace. IRM Chat interfaces with LiveChat, which offers great features and reporting tools.

You’re Only 1 Click Away From Your Customers

Add chat widget to your website, boost your website’s prestige, and support your online visitors. Encourage them to add items to their cart and assist them during the entire reservation process.

Multiple websites, one account

Have as many customized chat widgets on different websites as you need. Manage it all from a single LiveChat account.

Increase engagement with interactive greetings

Share announcements, introduce new products, and invite your visitors to chat. Send personalized greetings based on time spent on a site, customer location, and visited pages.

IRM Chat allows your guests to ask questions to a live agent or leave a message while making an online reservation.

Powerful and Comprehensive Features

LiveChat provides powerful features and comprehensive reporting to enhance your customer service. With LiveChat, you can minimize phone calls by offering real-time support and assistance. Increase your reservation conversions by engaging with customers promptly and efficiently. Moreover, LiveChat allows you to capture customer information before they leave your website, ensuring you don’t miss out on valuable leads.

Enhance your customer chat experience with LiveChat’s sneak-peek feature, canned responses, chat tags, rich messages, file sharing, chat archives, inactivity messages, notifications, chat transfer, and chat ratings. These powerful tools streamline your conversations, improve efficiency, and provide a seamless and engaging communication platform for your customers.

Optimize Customer Communication

Optimize your customer communication with LiveChat’s targeted messages, messaging mode, eye-catchers, chat buttons, routing rules, ticket form, chat assignment, chat history, and chat transcripts.

These features enable you to deliver personalized messages, engage customers effectively, route chats efficiently, manage tickets, and maintain a comprehensive record of your chat interactions for better customer support and insights.

Enhance Customer Service

Enhance your customer service with LiveChat’s agent profiles, accessibility features and chat boosters. Agent profiles allow you to customize and showcase your agents’ expertise, improving customer confidence and engagement. Accessibility features ensure that your chat platform is inclusive and user-friendly for all customers. Chat boosters provide additional tools and capabilities to enhance the chat experience and maximize customer satisfaction.

Reports & Analytics

Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with LiveChat’s comprehensive reports and analytics. Get a clear data summary of your chat interactions, including chat reports and ticket reports. Export your data for further analysis and integration with other systems. Dive deeper into agent performance with agent reports, track customer behavior with customer reports, and monitor ecommerce performance with ecommerce reports. Utilize advanced filters to refine your data and focus on key metrics.

All this information is conveniently displayed on your customizable LiveChat dashboard for easy access and monitoring.

System Requirements

To integrate LiveChat with RDP’s Booking Engine (IRM), you’ll need the following system requirements:

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