RDP Video Checkout Interface

Express In Room Checkout

With RDP’s Enhanced Movie Interface installed, guests can view their folio on the television in the room and check out of the property without going to the front desk. Guests have to have a valid credit card on file.  Once the guest is checked out through the Enhanced Movie Interface, RDP’s availability is immediately updated, and the room is marked as ‘dirty and vacant’ for the housekeeping department.

Multiple Unique Folio Charges

LodgeNet, OnCommand, and nStreams systems provide a variety of in-room services.  For example, guests have the ability to purchase movies, play video games, and view exercise videos.  All three of these services are posted as unique charges to the RDP folio.  In order to track revenue, separate daily, monthly, and yearly totals are recorded for each in-room service.

Automated Movie System Activation

The Enhanced Movie Interface processes check-in and check-out messages to the in-room movie system.  When a guest checks in, an message is relayed to the movie system activating services on the television in that room.  When the guest checks out, the movie system is deactivated, preventing unauthorized access.

Our Enhanced Movie interface installation makes it easy for your guests to watch movies, check out and more from the comfort of their room!

Automatically Generate Credit Card Payments

With the RDP credit card interface installed, guest credit card payments are automatically processed as part of an express in-room check-out.  The payment is reflected on the RDP folio and can be easily tracked as originating from the interface.

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