Change Tracking

Track All Major Changes to Data

The Change Tracking module is an essential and powerful tool that allows properties to view and track changes made to almost everything in the RDP database.  When data is saved, each field that was changed is recorded along with the old value and the new value.   This allows the system to historically show what the entire record looked like at an point in time.

Along with the date and time of the change, the employee that changed the record is also record which helps with security issues.

Change Tracking Features

  • Changes made by RDPWin, IRM, GDS Interfaces, POS Interfaces, API Interfaces and more all all tracked
  • Changes to the following entities are tracked: Reservations, Guest History, Group Masters, Owners, Rooms, Travel Agents, Work Order Vendors, Activity Vendors,  Frequent Guests and more
  • View the entity exactly as it appeared anytime in the past
  • An Analysis grid is provided to easily sort, filter and group the change information with export to PDF and Excel
  • Many standard Crystal reports are available and can be modified

Change Tab & Change Displays

Each entity has a Changes tab as part of the detail.  When the Changes tab is selected on an entity, one summary line is displayed for each time a change was saved.  Drill down on the summary line to see each specific field that was changed showing the the old and new values along with the date, time and employee that made the change.

Both a Summary display and an Analysis screen is available.

Track and View Changes with Detail Before and After

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