Change Tracking with RDPWin

Determine the “Who,” “What,” and “When” Of Any Change

RDP’s Change Tracking Module is an essential and powerful tool that allows properties to view and track changes made to reservations and masters. It provides the original and updated records. For instance, if a reservation’s arrival date has been modified, the module can reveal the previous date, any subsequent changes, the user responsible for the modifications, and the respective timestamps. This level of information extends to rate changes and other relevant details, empowering users to make informed decisions based on comprehensive data.

Change Tracking Features

  • Changes to reservations made using RDPWin are tracked, including who made the change and the date and time of each change.
  • View the reservation exactly as it appeared before and after each change.
  • Detailed reporting is available.  Show changes by date, person, reservation, type of change, etc.
  • Easy installation.  Just update to the latest version of RDPWin.

Change Summary Displays One Line Per Change

When the Changes tab is selected on a reservation, one summary line is displayed for each time the reservation was changed regardless of how many separate fields were changed.  Double-click any summary row to see the complete detail of all changes made to each field on the reservation.  The summary change screen shown below includes the detail of each change.

Track and View Reservation and Master Record Changes with Detailed Before and After Information.

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