Mobile Web PMS Software Accessible on Any Browser or Device

Web Based Functionality Accessible From Any Browser On Any Device

RDP’s Suite of Mobile Web Applications Include:

  • Online Booking Engine

  • Mobile Work Orders

  • Mobile Check-In

  • Contactless Check-In & Check-Out

  • Mobile Housekeeping & More!


Amount of guests
using their phone to find a property


Amount of guests
making same day reservations with their phone


Amount of increase
in reservations made with a phone in 2022

  Over 50% of your potential guests are using a phone, and if you don’t have the IRM you will lose those bookings.

The number of online users using smart devices to book reservations has been increasing significantly over the years. With the widespread adoption of phones and tablets, more and more people are using these devices to perform various tasks, including making reservations. According to a Statista report from 2021, it was estimated that around 53.9% of global website traffic originated from mobile devices. This indicates the growing importance of mobile devices in online activities.

Online Booking Engine

The fully responsive IRM (Internet Reservation Module Booking Engine) enables guests to make reservations using any phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection and a browser.

With IRM, the screens are optimized for the screen size of phones and tablets, ensuring easy viewing and data entry. The IRM significantly enhances the appeal, functionality, and success rates of bookings on your website. Nowadays, guests expect to be able to conveniently make reservations using their phones and IRM meets those expectations.

IRM Interactive Site Map

RDP’s interactive map booking engine displays availability in a map format.

The RDP booking map features a dynamic on-screen map with a simple user interface. It uses color changes to indicate availability, allows users to click or tap for rates, descriptions, photos, and booking information, and provides easy navigation, among other features.

Mobile Work Orders

Streamline your maintenance department by providing in-field access to work orders, preventative maintenance, and maintenance requests from any mobile device. With RDP’s mobile work orders, you can track open work orders, change their status, create new requests, submit photos, notes, and detailed information, add third-party vendor work orders, and much more.

Mobile Check-In

Achieve the ultimate flexibility for your property management system by providing your front desk team with the functionality to manage guests and reservations from any mobile device. The features include a responsive design that automatically adjusts to fit any tablet or computer, enabling tasks such as check-in, credit card capture and processing, reservation changes, signature capture, and more.

Contactless Check-In and Check-Out

Enhance your guest experience by providing the fastest, safest, and easiest check-in/out process with RDP’s Contactless Check-In and Check-Out feature. Guests receive a customized email confirmation containing a link to conveniently check-in or out.  The check-in process will collect any necessary or optional information such as reservation comments, vehicle details, or contact information. Moreover, the check-in process  automatically authorizes the credit card and captures the guest’s signature using a phone, tablet, or computer.

Mobile Housekeeping

RDP enhances the efficiency and quality of your housekeeping department by providing mobile device support to manage the end-to-end operations of your housekeeping team. Room attendants, inspectors, and managers can access RDP’s mobile housekeeping features, which include clean time tracking, changing room status, assigning cleans, inspecting rooms, adding comments to the cleaning status, and more.

Mobile Owners

Enhance the guest experience for your property owners and reduce staff workload by providing the owners access to the owner portal via their phones, tablets, or computers. The owner portal offers a range of features, including a visual reservation calendar for their unit, online payment options, the ability to make owner reservations, view billing statements, access individual room bills, manage work orders related to their unit, update contact information, and more.

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