Central Reservations

Consolidate Properties with Central Reservations

If more than one property is being managed, RDP enables scalability with separate databases for each location.  This provides unique customization and separate accounting for each property.  The properties can be totally different.  One could be a hotel, the other a condominium resort and a third could be a campground or a fractional resort.  There is no limit to the number of properties being managed.

In order to facilitate one reservation department for all disparate properties, RDP provides a Central Reservation screen.  If a guest doesn’t have a preference on property location, this screen allows a reservationist to enter arrival/departure dates, room types and specific room preferences into a search for rooms or room types across all properties.  Once selected, RDPWin will switch over to that database for complete access and reservation completion.

If the property location is known, then the reservationist can go directly to that property to search for the appropriate guest accommodation.

To complete the picture, RDP provides a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module that will track past guest data across all properties.  So, if a guest stays in Property #1, their past guest information can be accessed from all the other properties.  A points or frequent guest program is an optional feature of CRM.

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Different Property Types

Central Reservations is designed to provide the flexibility to access different types of RDP systems. For instance, a central reservation office could effectively manage a portfolio of 10 resorts, comprising five hotels, three timeshare resorts, and two condominium resorts. Moreover, a single resort within this portfolio could feature a combination of hotel rooms, timeshare rooms, and whole ownership units.  RDP’s versatile central reservation system allows for seamless management of diverse property types within a unified framework.

Guest Preferences

The Central Reservations module has the capability to search for specific guest preferences across all room types at multiple properties.  For instance, a reservationist can search across all resorts for a penthouse with a Jacuzzi and ocean view.  These preferences are fully customizable and are associated with room types rather than specific room numbers.  Alternatively, searching can be done broadly without any preferences or room type specified and all available room types would display in all locations selected showing the preferences.  See the image above.

Once the room type is selected, a specific room number can be assigned from a list of available rooms in the selected property if required.  Central availability can include all room types in a property or exclude certain types as needed.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A very important part of using Central Reservations is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module.  It is designed to centrally store past guest information across all resorts.  So, if a guest stays are Resort #1, their name, address, preferences and much more are stored in a central database.  If the guest comes back and stays at Resort #3, their guest information can be fetched and re-used to make the new reservation.  There is a feature where a search can be made for a guest across all resorts using the CRM database.

As part of the CRM, points can be awarded for each stay, with the number of points varying based on factors such as seasons, room types, total expenditure and more.  Guests can use accumulated points as a credit when making reservations, subject to restrictions that control the application of points.  A complete history of all point reservations is maintained, ensuring comprehensive tracking and management.

CRM Frequent Guest Rewards Include:

  • All guest visits are tracked from one or more locations
  • Points can be awarded for each reservation
  • Points can be purchased at any time
  • Points are awarded is based on factors such as season, room type, amount spent and more
  • Guests can get a credit for reservations by redeeming points
  • Other resort amenities can also be paid for by points
  • The redemption ratio is configurable (i.e. 10 points for 1 dollar)
  • Restrictions can be applied to control when points are allowed
  • A complete ledger is kept of all points transactions for a guest
  • Point statements can be sent to guests

Internet Reservation Module (IRM)

Along with Central Reservations and CRM, the Internet Reservation Module software can be used with multiple properties.


  • Only 1 copy of the IRM and 1 web server is needed to access all locations
  • Customizable front end for guests to pick one or more locations to search for rooms or room types
  • Room types and guest preferences can be used to search across all locations
  • Travel agents, groups and condominium owners can access their appropriate location

Last Room Availability

Reservations can be made simultaneously for each property from various sources including Central Reservations.  The availability is always checked just prior to the reservation being made assuring no overbooking unless configured to allow it.  For instance, if there is only one room left for a particular day and room, that room would be available from a workstation at the central reservations office, a workstation at the property or by a guest on the IRM.  The first one to successfully file the reservation gets the room.  Others would be notified it is no longer available and redirected to reserve a different room.

Room Type availability is always checked as well.

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