RDPWin V5 System Features

Technology:  How do I get RDPWin V5?

Product Name: Overview
Moving to RDPWin V5 Looking to move to our most powerful and comprehensive solution to date? The future of your business awaits! If you are interested in making the upgrade then there are a couple of ways to get on the fast track to RDPWin V5.

Technology:  IRM Next Generation (IRMng)

Product Name: Overview
IRMng In the 3rd Quarter of 2017, RDP announced the release of IRM Next Generation, IRMng.  This application takes advantage of the latest software development releases in order to provide potential guests with a streamlined online booking experience.  Please visit this page for additional information.

Technology:  IRMNg & OwnerNg

Product Name: Overview

Resort Data Processing has re imagined what a booking engine and PMS can do when both systems are seamlessly integrated and react to the ever changing user base. Whether on a desktop, tablet, or smart phone, your booking engine will look and feel beautiful.

  • Responsive design
  • Enhanced ADA Functionality
  • Enhanced IRM security
  • Multi-directory IRMng Support
  • Configuration occurs at database level


IRMng Demo          OwnerNg Demo

Technology:  RDPWin5 New Features

Product Name: Overview
New Features Under the hood, RDPWin5 will focus on efficiency and future expansion plans. With the addition of new technology, we will be more agile for your future.

  • Expanded Name, Address, and Email fields to allow for larger naming conventions and character count
  • GDS Interface:
    • Property Code Functionality (ability to interface multiple CRS’s from one RDP directory)
    • GDS by room number configuration
  • Ability to group Lockoff room types allowing for simplified display / data transfer with GDS & IRM
  • Report Scheduler to automate pdf, csv, xlsx, and E-mail reports on a daily basis
  • Quick Find added for all Masters/ Owners /Groups/ Rooms etc
  • IRMng Up sell Feature on IRMng
  • Analysis Grids on Masters and ability to email from the Analysis screens
  • Expanded width on Reservations on the Tape Chart Display
  • New Owner Statement Tab on Owner Master for faster access
  • Rate Sets can now be disabled
  • Spell checker feature added on all Note Sections
  • Totals file will always account for leap years
  • Switch 424 -21: Allows for override of flat travel agent commissions
  • GL Export to M3 Accounting System

Technology:  RDPWin5 New Modules

Product Name: Overview
New Modules RDPWin5 will come with the ability to support some of our newest modules. Enhance the power of your system and business with modules built for the 21st century hospitality industry.

  • RDPWin V5 Dashboard
  • IRMng – Internet Reservations Module
  • CRMng – Customer Retention
  • OwnerNg – Owner Portal
  • SiteMinder – 2 – Way interface to Site Minder Channel Management
  • Track Pulse – CRM, Lead Management, Chat, Text, Email and Voice system
  • iCalendar – Internet calendar for availability and rates
  • Apartunity – GDS interface emphasizing on corporate housing
  • Assa Abloy – security and door opening solutions
  • Kaba Oracode – electronic keyless entry
  • Onity – locks and access control devices
  • Travel Tripper – Booking technology and digital marketing for hotels
  • Concord Interface –Membership tracking interface for owner associations


RDP sells software to a variety of marketplaces, including:

RDPWin Overview

This article describes the RDPWin technology used by your employees for internal access.  RDPWin uses the Microsoft Windows .Net technology.  Each workstation can  install RDPWin (“Fat Client”) or use Terminal Services/Citrix. (“Thin Client”).  Workstations can be physically at the property or remote.  After reading this article, existing RDP customers should also read Adding RDPWin to an Existing RDP System. Also see:  Hardware Required.

RDP technology topics covered in this document include:

RDPWin Uses Latest Microsoft Technology – “.NET”

The RDPWin product uses Microsoft’s “.Net” technology for Windows.  Microsoft has spent billions of dollars developing “.Net” as their platform of the future.  Learn more about “.Net” at https://www.microsoft.com/net/.

High Performance Access with Many Workstations

RDP systems have always offered tremendous performance.  In a test database with over 500,000 guest history records, any one can be found and displayed in less than one second.  Scalability testing has shown over 100 workstations accessing the RDPWin database with excellent response times (less than 2 seconds).

An Easy-to-Use, Windows-Based, Graphical User Interface (GUI)

RDPWin is Windows-based software, using to full advantage Microsoft’s Graphical User Interface (GUI).  Most people today are very comfortable with the familiar point and click Windows interface, graphical displays, fonts, pictures, graphs, etc.

RDPWin uses intuitive linked screens for booking reservations, checking guests in, reports, night audit, etc.  It is based on 30+ years of property management software experience.  A sample inventory display screen is below.

Click here to view more RDPWin screens.

Email Confirmations, Marketing & Guest Correspondence

RDPWin and the Internet Reservation Module (IRM) can automatically send emails to all guests, owners, travel agents and groups who make reservations.  These confirmations can be completely customized for the desired information and appearance.  Any system report can be sent via e-mail to a person or group in your address book.  For example, email the daily managers report to a group of ten managers with just one process.

Email is one of the most powerful and least expensive marketing tools available and has been fully incorporated into the core RDP system at no additional charge.  Email features included in the system:

  • Fully integrated HTML email capabilities, including confirmations, folios, guest surveys, and more.
  • Guest Survey and Communication Module and IRM.Net Analytics and Campaign Management.
  • Email databases are created for guests, travel agents, groups, wholesalers, and condo/timeshare owners.
  • Email confirmations can be automatically sent to guests, using HTML, Adobe PDF, or other formats, complete with maps and other attachments.
  • Multiple email addresses can be stored on a reservation in order to send to a guest’s personal and business accounts.
  • Mass emails can be sent directly from the RDP System – no third party software required.
  • RDP abides by all current regulations for anti-SPAM by allowing guests to “opt out” of mass emails.
  • Guest confirmations can be printed and mailed or sent via email or fax.
  • Crystal Reports can be created and distributed by email.
  • Reservations made by the Internet Reservation Module (IRM) can be automatically sent the email confirmations.

Hardware Required

RDP software is designed for Microsoft operating systems, using single workstations, peer-to-peer networking (2-10 workstations), or Windows 2012 Servers (over 10 workstations).  RDP does not sell hardware, but we will be glad to work with the vendor of your choice to ensure the correct configuration is purchased.  Please see Hardware Requirements for specifications.  The diagram below shows how the RDP data server and optional Internet Reservation Module server are connected to the Internet and the Global Distribution System.

Optional Thin Client Deployment Of RDPWin

RDPWin can be installed on each workstation at the property or can be installed using a thin client environment using either Citrix or Terminal Services.  A combination can also be used, where some workstations have RDPWin installed directly and others use Thin Client.  See Hardware Requirements – Citrix or Terminal Services.

Backed By 30+ Years of Property Management Software Experience

In 2011, Resort Data Processing celebrated its 30th anniversary of developing, installing, and supporting property management software.  Over the past 30 years, we have installed over 2000 property management systems in 30 countries on six continents.  The design of RDPWin is based on the feature set developed over those 30 years and used by over 2000 customers.  RDPWin combines the power of Microsoft’s “.Net” technology and ease-of-use of Windows, while preserving and enhancing thousands of RDP features added over the years.

Click here for a complete list of RDP Modules

RDPWin Uses Windows-Based Crystal Reports

One of RDPWin’s most powerful features is the ability to run Crystal Reports easily from various menus.  RDPWin allows remote owners, managers, or offsite employees (sales agents) to run reports from their remote office or travel destination. For example, a Group Sales Director at an industry tradeshow no longer has to contact the property to check availability. Instead, he or she simply connects to the Internet, logs on to RDPWin, and prints an up-to-date availability listing for a variety of dates. RDPWin’s portable reporting capabilities eliminates phone calls and faxed and/or E-Mailed reports. Any RDPWin report that can be viewed at the property can be viewed from a remote site via the Internet!

A sample Crystal Report appears below.  View additional Crystal Reports.


RDPSQL – Powerful SQL Queries

RDP also provides RDPSQL, which allows ad-hoc access to the RDP Database using powerful SQL queries.  RDPSQL is designed for those customers familiar with the power of SQL.    The example below selects all future reservations for analysis.  The results can be sorted filtered and sorted many different ways and also exported to Microsoft Excel.

Software Overview

Resort Data Processing (RDP) software has been installed since 1981 at over 1000 locations worldwide (see customer list).  Please use the links below to learn more about RDP software for Hotels and Resorts. If you are renting homes or condominiums on a short term basis, please start with Vacation Rental Overview.  Timeshare properties should begin with our Timeshare Overview.  Our Campground system is also available.  Our systems are fully integrated, so all features in our hotel system are available for vacation rentals and timeshare resorts and vice versa.

Contact RDP Sales for pricing information or to schedule an onsite demonstration.