Owner Next Generation Booking Engine – Ownerng

RDP has developed a completely new version of its owner Portal, called Ownerng (Owner Next Generation). For an overview of the technology used in Ownerng, please visit the Next Generation technology page.

Ownerng has several advantages over the currently released owner portal.   The updated application is extremely fast and has a completely new, improved user experience that takes advantage of features already implemented in many industry standard booking engines. Ownerng is responsive and automatically formats pages, images and text for smart phones, tablets and desktops.  Ownerng is currently installed at one customer site and RDP is anticipating general release in 2018.

Key new Ownerng features include:

  • Faster application with an improved user experience.
  • Responsive.  Ownerng automatically adjusts for a smart phone, tablet or desktop browser.
  • Improved security through SQL technology.  All ports between the web browser and the RDP data server can be closed, except those that are required for SQL.
  • Customized styles using Bootstrap 4 CSS files.
  • Unique images for each property.
  • Owner statements (PDF files) are stored in the RDP database.
  • Customized, HTML based e-mails.
  • Improved support for timeshare contracts.