Installation, Training and Support

Quality customer support is essential to customer satisfaction and is one of the primary reasons RDP has prospered.


Satisfied customers lead to renewed support contracts and excellent references. To arrange for onsite training, please call 970-845-1140    .  The following support topics are covered in this document:

24-Hour/365-Day Support

RDP support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a years.  Please see 24-hour Support Overview.

Initial Entry of System Data

It is the responsibility of the customer to enter all system data, such as rates, reservations, unit numbers, etc.  RDP provides training and support to help every customer become successful as soon as possible. The installation of a powerful system like RDPWin starts the day you purchase the system and continues through the onsite training and for years afterwards with interaction with RDP support. The process is as follows:

  1. Please review the RDP Implementation Checklist.
  2. One of the first installation steps is to complete this pre-installation document and return it to RDP, either as a printed document or a Microsoft Word Document. RDP reviews this data with you to make sure the system is optimized.  See Documentation Downloads.
  3. As soon as possible, and well before the onsite training, RDP support installs an empty system on your hardware. We also provide remote training on how to enter the basic setup information such as unit numbers.
  4. You must enter all critical system data prior to the start of onsite installation. This allows you to start learning the system and renders the onsite training much more productive.
  5. If possible, you can also enter additional information into your system prior to onsite training such as rate plans, packages, travel agents, group masters, vacation rental owners, etc. The more data you enter ahead of time the better!
  6. Once you have purchased onsite training, RDP personnel arrive at your site with the expectation that all critical system data has already been entered into the system. Our focus is on providing training on various aspect of the system; not data entry.
  7. The system has thousands of features, and it is not possible to learn it all in one onsite training session. After onsite training is completed, you continue to learn more about the system and implement additional features by calling RDP support at 970-845-7108   . Many of our customers have had the system over 20 years and they continue to learn!
  8. We offer a customer conference every year in Vail where we review new features and provide additional training. This is an excellent event to attend!

Onsite Installation and Training

RDP onsite installation and training is essential to a successful system implementation, and it includes:

  1. RDP provides a detailed installation checklist.
  2. RDP support consults with your hardware people prior to installation to assure the proper equipment is purchased and installed correctly.  Please see Hardware Requirements.
  3. Onsite installation and training is provided by RDP support personnel who are experts in both the RDP system and the hospitality industry.
  4. RDP system installation takes only a few hours with the bulk of the onsite time focused training.
  5. Basic training is handled in a group session.  For example, an overview of the system is provided that normally includes reservationists, front desk personnel, and night auditors.
  6. RDP uses a “train the trainer” approach.  One or two of your employees are designated as RDP specialists and attend all training sessions. These specialists then act as your internal RDP contact for questions from all other employees.

Modification of Crystal Reports and Confirmations

RDP uses Crystal Reports as the basis for over 300 reports and confirmation letters.  Customer can modify any of these reports, and create their own new reports, using Crystal Reports 2008.  Crystal Reports is the most popular report writing tool in the world and allows the use of graphics, colors, charts, and fonts which improve the look of all guest correspondence.  To create or modify reports, customers must purchase a copy of Crystal Reports 2008, which can be purchased directly from, or other websites. During new system installation RDP will modify some reports and confirmations as time permits.  After installation is it the responsibility of the customer to use Crystal Reports to make their own new reports and modifications.  RDP support can help customers with specific questions related to the use of Crystal Reports 2008 at no additional charge.  Related links:

Demonstration and Practice System

Each system includes training software with identical features to the real system. This is an excellent tool for employee training and allows for experimentation without adding test data to the real system.

For example, a new front desk employee usually spends a few hours with the training system before using the real system. The training system helps put a new employee at ease by allowing experimentation without the possibility of damaging live data.

Online Help

RDP provides a comprehensive manual which includes step-by-step procedures.  The manual was written by hospitality people for hospitality people and is not a typical “computer manual.”  The guide includes tips on how to maximize profit by correct utilization of system features such as yield management, guest history mailings, and source of business reports.  RDP’s Help guide is very easy to use. And, in conjunction with the online help system, RDP has one of the most complete documentation packages in the industry.  The system includes a complete Help facility for each data entry field.  When the operator does not understand a given prompt, online help can be accessed instantly in order to find an answer, without consulting written documentation.

Internet Support Website

RDP maintains an Internet support website at  The Internet is an ideal media for distribution of up-to-the-minute information.

Remote Support

RDP provides remote support using either the Internet or a modem. RDP support personnel can connect directly to your system to quickly diagnose and fix problems that may arise.  See Hardware Requirements for details.

Additional Onsite Training

Many customers schedule follow-up onsite training periodically, perhaps one week every other year. Additional training can be beneficial when employee turnover has occurred and the RDP system specialist is no longer available.  However, additional onsite training can also be used to fine tune the system and provide insights for maximizing system benefits, such as Internet marketing, report writing, and marketing tips.  Please call 970-845-1140    to discuss support options.