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Want to know about Resort Data Processing and what we can do for your property? Let us say hello with our short introduction video where you’ll learn more about our company, our culture, and most importantly, what our amazing clients have to say about our software solutions.

A Message from Barry Biegler, President & Founder, Resort Data Processing, Inc.

Why should you buy property management software from Resort Data Processing?   This website is filled with many potential reasons, but here are six of the most important:

  1. RDP helps you generate significantly more revenue.
  2. Our entire staff is based in the USA with support available 24 hours/365 days.
  3. Our software adapts to the needs of the customer; not vice-versa.
  4. We provide an unprecedented level of control of the configuration of the system and presentation of your data.  Our philosophy is to allow customers to easily change reports, screens, confirmations, folios, statements and more, without calling RDP.
  5. We are a small company which provides personal service and direct contact with top management to get things done quickly.
  6. RDP has been in business over 30 years.  We know what we’re doing.  We are a very solid company financially, so we will be here in the future to support and improve the system.

Barry Biegler, President
Personal Phone:  970-845-1157
Technical Support:  970-845-7108

Product Overview


We strive to be the best

RDP Adapts to the Customer

RDP believes software should adapt to the needs of the individual customer instead of forcing the customer to adapt to the software.  While this seems like a self-evident truth, you may find that many of our competitors believe otherwise and have a “take it or leave it attitude.” (i.e., you either use the software the way it is, or you don’t use it at all).

Your business is very important to us.  If this means we have to change our software to make close the deal, then we will.  More than half of our 1000 customers have a unique feature was added just for them.  To avoid confusion, we add these features with switches so that the feature is only active for specific customers.

Our software is designed so you can configure it to operate the way your business works.  If you can’t, we will change it so you can.

Control Your System & Data Analysis, Export/Import and More

RDP provides an unprecedented level of system configuration control and presentation of your data.  Our philosophy is to allow customers to easily change reports, screens, confirmations, folios, statements, and more (without calling RDP).

  • Over 400 system reports using Crystal can be printed, emailed, or exported to Excel, Adobe, and other formats.
  • Reservation Analysis screens are available for reservation detail, transactions, and more.
  • Data is located on a file server under your control for high performance and security.
  • Guest confirmations, folios, and marketing materials can include your logo and pictures, and you can easily change them at any time.
  • Accounting data can be exported to third party systems.
  • Mass emails can easily be created for guests, owners, travel agents, groups, and more with images, newsletters, etc.
  • For Vacation Rental and Condo-Hotels, owners can use the Internet to view owner statements, make reservations, enter work orders, and much more.

Customers Stay in Direct Contact with Top Management

While RDP has been in business for more than 25 years, we have not allowed the company to grow into a bureaucratic nightmare.  We are still a small company with direct contact between top management and customers.  We have become friends with our customers over the years.  Our annual customer conference in Vail, Colorado, has the feeling of a family gathering: not a corporate function.  This is a very important element of who we are, as it is always much more fun to help a friend with a problem than a customer.

With most companies, it is almost impossible to find someone who is in charge and actually able to make a decision.  There are legions of people who screen calls and redirect customers.  At RDP, everyone answers their own phone.

Company Stability – Over 30 Years & Solid Financial Position

If the company you purchase software from goes out of business, the software becomes effectively worthless.  This is because the software is only 15% of the solution.  The other 85% is technical support, product updates, onsite training, etc.  RDP has been in business over 30 years.  We are very solid financially, with no company debt.  We have sold over 1,000 systems, which provides an installed base of support contracts to insure we will be in business for many years to come.

Summary ~ Why Buy From RDP

When you purchase a Property Management System (PMS), we believe it is more important to look at the character of the company who creates the software than the technical system details.

All of the major PMS vendors handle the basics: reservations, check-in, check-out, audit, etc.  The key to a PMS purchase is to understand that the software is only the beginning of a partnership between two companies.  Many of our competitors believe it’s all about the software.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It’s all about the people.

A software vendor can tell you anything in a brochure or in a demo; so please check our story with our customers.  Ask them if our support people actually answer the phone immediately.  Find out if our Yield Management and Internet Reservation Module are making them money.  Ask our customers if the system is flexible enough for them and adapts to their needs.

RDP truly is a different company.  We have been in business for over 30 years with many of the same customers and employees.  If you ever need anything from RDP, help is just a phone call away.

RDP Corporate Headquarters in Vail, CO


Software Overview

Resort Data Processing (RDP) software has been installed since 1981 at over 1000 locations worldwide (see customer list).  Please use the links below to learn more about RDP software for Hotels and Resorts. If you are renting homes or condominiums on a short term basis, please start with Vacation Rental Overview.  Timeshare properties should begin with our Timeshare Overview.  Our Campground system is also available.  Our systems are fully integrated, so all features in our hotel system are available for vacation rentals and timeshare resorts and vice versa.

Contact RDP Sales for pricing information or to schedule an onsite demonstration.

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