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High-speed Internet access has gone from a “nice benefit” to a “requirement” for most business guests.  The question is not “if” a property should deploy high-speed Internet access, but “how to” do it in a cost effective and profitable manner.  RDP has partnered with Peacey Systems to provide a turnkey solution for wireless access and billing.  Charges for internet access can be by credit card or posted to the guest folio automatically with the RDP-Wireless Internet Access Interface.

Topics covered on this page include:

  • Peacey Systems provides turnkey solution with Nomadix Equipment.
  • Guest in-room Internet with wired or wireless connection.
  • Guests and others can connect to the Internet via wireless from anywhere in the property.
  • Non-guests can be charged using a credit card or national wireless account.
  • RDP Interface posts Internet access charges to folio.
  • Guest can review folio on TV.
  • Summary of Nomadix-RDP Internet Billing Interface.
Peacey Systems provides Turnkey Solution with Nomadix Equipment

RDP has partnered with Peacey Systems, a Nomadix reseller, to provide turnkey solutions for wireless access and billing.  Peacey Systems can provide the following services:

  • Arrange for high-speed Internet access.
  • Provide all cabling and equipment.
  • Study the property to determine how many wireless access points are required.
  • Install all equipment.
  • Provide training.
  • Provide price quotes.

For more information or a price quote, please contact:

Guest In-Room Internet with Wired or Wireless Connection

Peacey Systems can provide In-Room Internet connections that are either wired or wireless, as follows:

In-Room Wired Some properties already have high-speed Internet access in the room via the room phone lines or Ethernet cabling. The RDP Interface can charge the guest for usage per day or other billing increments. If your property does not already have wired connections in the rooms, Peacey Systems can provide a price quotation for complete installation. A wired solution allows the guest to use the Ethernet network connection in their portable. However many properties are now choosing a wireless in-room solution as described below.
In-Room Wireless (Wi-Fi) Wireless technology can provide high-speed Internet access in the room without cables, as follows:

  1. Most new laptop computers come with a wireless networking card.
  2. The guest simply opens their laptop and within seconds a connection is made.
  3. A welcome screen appears which allows the guest to authorize a daily charge.
  4. The RDP interface sends the charge to the guest folio.

Peacey Systems can provide a complete turnkey installation.

Both Wired and Wireless The ideal solution for the guest is both a wired-and wireless-solution.

  • If a guest does not have a wireless networking card, they can use the in-room wired connection.
  • If the guest has wireless capability and has authorized the daily payment, they can access the Internet from their room, or any other location at the property, without any cables.

Can Connect To the Internet Wireless From Anywhere

One of the great advantages of the Peacey Systems solution is that it provides both wired and wireless access.  With wireless access your entire property, including all rooms, can become a “hot spot.”  Guests and others can connect to the Internet from anywhere.  If there is a business conference any attendee with a wireless laptop could access the Internet from the conference center, lobby, or even the pool.  You can provide this service as a free benefit to increase group business or charge an additional fee (see below).

Charge Non-Guests Using a Credit Card or National Wireless Account

The Nomadix solution provides a variety of billing options for guest and non-guest Internet access, including:

Free Internet Access Some properties have elected to provide Internet access at no charge as another reason for guests and groups to stay at the property. In this case RDP customers may want to call Peacey Systems for installation, but would not need the RDP Wireless Internet Billing Interface, since no access charges will be posted to the folio.
Bill Guest Folio To bill the guest folio the RDP Internet Billing Interface is required. This is available immediately from RDP by contacting us directly.
Bill Credit Card Peacey Systems/Nomadix provides the ability for a guest or non-guest to bill their credit card. This billing is done completely within the Peacey Systems software — no RDP interface is required. The sequence of events is:

  1. The laptop, with a wireless card, can be used at any location within range of the wireless network. (i.e. rooms, lobby, conference center, pool, etc.)
  2. The laptop communicates with the Peacey Systems/Nomadix equipment ,and a browser appears with billing choices. If “bill to room” is selected, the RDP interface is used.
  3. If bill to credit card is selected, the Peacey Systems/Nomadix software processes the credit card. The RDP interface is not required to bill a credit card directly.
National Wireless Account Another billing option can be “national wireless account.” For example the guest may pay a monthly wireless fee to one of the major vendors and then be able to access the “hot spot” or “hot zone” at your property. Peacey Systems can provide information for revenue split options.
Other Billing Options The wireless Internet world is changing very fast. There are a number of other guest and non-guest billing options that you can discuss with Peacey Systems.

RDP Interface Posts Internet Access Charges To Folio

The RDP-Nomadix Interface, which is available immediately, can post charges for wired or wireless Internet access directly to the guest folio.  The process is as follows:

  1. The guest accesses the Internet with their portable, either wired from the room or wireless from any location in the Hot Zone.
  2. A welcome screen appears on their browser, describing the Internet service and costs.  Most properties charge a fixed fee every 24 hours.
  3. When the guest initially agrees to the service and cost, the RDP interface posts the charge immediately to the guest folio.
  4. The guest can the use the Internet for 24 hours (or your billing period) without additional prompts.  For example, if the wireless access guest moves from their room to the lobby, they have immediate Internet access.  If a guest signs up originally from the conference center, they can still move to their room.
  5. The Peacey Systems/Nomadix system tracks the expiration time and prompts the guest to renew for another day when expired.
  6. The RDP system tracks all Internet access charges sent to the folio with a unique transaction code and general ledger account.

Guest Can Review Folio On Television

RDP supports in-room checkout through the LodgeNet and On-Command movie interfaces.  With the Enhanced Movie interface installed, guests can view their folio, including Internet access charges, on the TV.  The guest can also checkout using the TV.  If the Protobase interface is installed, a credit card payment can be processed. The interface also turns movies on at check-in and off at checkout, helping to prevent unauthorized access.  See:

Summary Of Internet Access & Billing

High-speed Internet access has gone from a “nice benefit” to a “requirement” for most business guests.  RDP’s partnership with Peacey Systems makes it easy for RDP customers to increase their revenue by attracting guests and conferences with wired and wireless access.  The RDP interface posts Internet access charges to the guest folio and is available immediately. For more information or a price quote, please contact RDP Sales.