Travel Agents and Wholesalers

The system includes a powerful Travel Agent/Wholesaler module.


Travel agents can make reservations by calling the property or your central reservation department directly.  If you allow them access with a password, Travel Agents/Wholesalers can also make direct bookings into your system using RDP’s Internet Reservation Module (IRM). All IRM reservations are automatically loaded into the RDP database.

Various reports show total revenue generated by each agent on a daily, month-to-date and year-to-date basis, with comparisons to last year.  Travel agents can pre-deduct their commission, or the system can print a commission check.  Unique rates can be established for each travel agent or wholesaler.  Additionally, room blocks can be allocated to specific wholesalers, varying each day of the year.

Topics covered in this section include:

Multiple Access Methods (IRM and Phone)

Travel agents can check rates and availability and make reservations using a variety of methods, as indicated by the diagram below.  Click on any element of the diagram for more details.


Global Distribution System (GDS)

Reservationists can override the calculated price of a package with the proper management password. For example, if a golf package is calculated to cost $250 for a given day for 2 adults and one child, the reservationist could offer a discount to $220.  The system can prompt for the “management override password” to ensure that discounts are approved.  It is also possible to configure a given package as “no discounts allowed”.

The calculated tax on a package can also be changed for non-taxable entities.

Internet Reservation Module (IRM)

RDP offers the optional Internet Reservation Module (IRM) to allow travel agents and wholesalers to check rates and availability and make reservations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  With a proper password, agents or wholesalers can make reservations directly on your system, from any workstation connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world.

See Travel Agent Reservations Flow for more information.

Travel Agents and Central Reservations

Travel agents can make reservations by calling the property, where a reservationist can use RDPWin to check rates and availability and enter the reservation.  RDP also offers a Central Reservations option, which allows reservations to be entered from a central location to multiple RDP properties.  See Central Reservations.

Over One Million Travel Agents by IATA Number

The system can store over one million travel agents using their unique eight-character IATA number.  Any travel agent can be accessed by IATA number, name, E-mail address, or reservation history in less than one second.  The system stores the complete history on all travel agents and wholesalers, including all reservations, rates, checks, adjustments, etc.  Travel Agent information can be uploaded from other systems into RDP for a fee.

E-mail Marketing to Travel Agents

E-mail is one of the most powerful and least expensive marketing tools available, and it has been fully incorporated into the core RDP system at no additional charge.  E-mail features included in the system:

  • E-mail databases are created for guests, travel agents, groups, wholesalers and condo/ timeshare owners.
  • Mass E-mails can be sent directly from the RDP System – no third-party software required.  For example, an E-mail could be sent to 50,000 travel agents with a special offer.  The agent could click on a link in the E-mail, which would take them directly the Internet Reservation Module to make reservations.
  • RDP abides by all current regulations for anti-SPAM by allowing guests to “opt out” of mass E-mails
  • Guest confirmations can be sent via E-mail, fax, or printed and mailed
  • Crystal Reports can be created and distributed by E-mail
  • Reservations made by the Internet Reservation Module (IRM) can send E-mail confirmations automatically
  • RDP newsletters are sent via E-mail

RDP E-mail Marketing

Travel Agent Interface to Reservations

The system is designed to make new reservations while the guest, travel agent, or wholesaler is on the phone.  If the agent already exists in your travel agent database, the agent’s name and address is automatically added to the reservation.  A new agent can be added without leaving the reservation screen.

All future travel agent reservations can be displayed during the reservation process, allowing the reservationist to address any problems, such as frequent cancellations or duplicate reservations.

Three Travel Agents Per Reservation

The system allows for three different travel agents on the same reservation.  These are not necessarily all travel agents, but “commissionable” entities.  For example, if a guest calls Bob’s Travel, who in turn calls Vail Central Reservations, who in turn makes the reservation with your property, there could be three commissions involved: one to Bob’s Travel, one to Vail Central, and a third to the reservation clerk.

Checks can be printed to each travel agent on the reservation.  Additionally, all reservation history is maintained for each travel agent, limited only by available disk space.

Travel Agent Confirmations – Printed or Via E-mail

Confirmation letters can be printed or sent via E-mail to either the guest, travel agent, or both.  The rate can be shown on the confirmation to the travel agent, but suppressed on the confirmation to the guest.  The travel agent address is entered one time on the travel agent master record and used for all reservation confirmations.

Sample Confirmation Forms Available
RDP E-mail Marketing
Sample Reports

Automatic Commission Calculation

The travel agent commission percentage is stored in the travel agent master and is automatically calculated for each reservation. Each travel agent can have a different commission percentage.  For example, the system can automatically pay 10% to most travel agents, but pay special agents 15%.  Additionally, the same travel agent can have a different commission percentage on each reservation.  An agent may receive 10% until they reach a yearly volume of $30,000, at which point they receive a 15% commission on all additional reservations.

Pre-Deduct or Non-Deduct Travel Agents

Travel agent reservations are entered as pre-deduct or non-deduct.  A pre-deduct agent keeps his commission and sends the property the net.  For example, on a $1000 reservation at 10% commission, the agent collects $1,000 from the guest, keeps $100 in commission, and sends the property $900.  A non-deduct agent sends the entire $1,000, and the system then generates a commission check for $100.

Checks can be printed directly from the RDP system.  A complete history of all reservations and checks is maintained for all travel agents and wholesalers, limited only by available disk space.  All financial transactions involving travel agents are automatically posted to RDP’s integrated general ledger system.  Financial totals can also be exported from RDP to the third-party accounting system of your choice, such as Quicken, Open Systems, etc.

Agent Commissions Hidden from Guests

A pre-deducted travel agent commission is always hidden from the guest.  For example, on a $1,000 reservation with a $100 pre-deduct commission, the agent will send the net of $900.  In this case, the system automatically credits the guest folio with $1,000 as a “prepayment,” even though only $900 was received.  The system separates this $1,000 into a $900 debit to cash and a $100 debit to commission expense.  The net result is correct accounting, yet the guest folio reflects only the $1,000 credit.

Sample Guest Folio
Front Desk & Night Audit Overview

Net Rate Agents and Wholesalers

The system allows for net rate travel agents with unique rates, as opposed to percentage commissions.  In the example below, the rack rate for high season for a King room is $150. “Great Time Travel” has been offered a net rate of $120, while “Adventure Travel has an even lower net rate of $110.  Once the net rate tables are entered into the system, all rate calculations for the travel agent are automatic.  The system can also invoice travel agents and wholesalers for net rate reservations. The guest folio shows only incidental charges and not the wholesaler billing information.

Additionally, net rate travel agents can be assigned a room block.  The system can bill travel agents and wholesalers when the guest check in or out.  Statements can be printed and reconciled to guest vouchers.

Rates: King Rooms
Agent Name High Season Medium Season Low Season
Rack Rates $150 $100 $70
Great Time Travel $120 $84 $63
Adventure Travel $110 $80 $56

Print Statements and Checks

The system prints statements to all non-deduct agents, net-rate agents, and wholesalers.  Either balance forward or open item statements can be utilized.  For non-deduct agents, statements show all commissions and generate a check. A full check register is provided, including reconciliation with bank statements.

Wide Variety of Reports

A wide variety of reports are available showing travel agent history, revenue totals, booking pace, and other statistics for travel agents and wholesalers.  Totals for travel agents and wholesalers are available for any date range, with comparisons to prior year.  Some sample reports are below.

Sample Booking Pace/Forecasting Reports
Additional Sample Reports
Overview of Crystal Reports

Automatic Interface to General Ledger

All travel agent and wholesaler activity is automatically interfaced to the RDP general ledger system.  During system installation, general ledger account numbers can be assigned for commission expense, commission liability, cash, and other ledger account numbers.  The system automatically makes all entries to these customized account numbers using standard double-entry accounting principals.  Totals can also be exported into the back office system of your choice.

Upload Travel Agents into RDP from Another System

Travel agent information can be uploaded from other systems into RDP for a fee.