Timeshare Reservation Priority

The Timeshare Reservation Priority feature provides the ability to assign timeshare owners a member priority or order for booking reservations using the Internet Reservations Module (IRM) and Timeshare and Owner Interval Module. Each owner can be assigned a different priority, and each priority can be assigned a time period for which reservations can be booked. For example, an owner with “A” priority can book their summer reservation starting on January 1, while priority “B” owners must wait until January 7 to book the same summer reservation.  The priority can work with multiple seasons, with multiple reservations allowed in each season. This feature is designed for Residence Clubs, Fractional Ownership, and Float Week Properties in order for owners to book their reservations online; eliminating the need to contact the property to make reservations.

How it Works

The Reservation Priority can be configured to work within your reservation time periods and policies. Each owner is assigned a priority. Each reservation season such as summer, fall, winter, shoulder, or any other predetermined season is assigned a reservation open date, being the date for which owners can make their reservation. Each reservation open date is then assigned a member priority. When the member priority date is open, the owner can book their reservation.

Year Period Reservation Open Date Member Priority
2016 Summer 02/01/2016 A
2016 Summer 02/07/2016 B
2016 Summer 02/14/2016 C
2016 Winter 07/01/2016 B
2016 Winter 07/07/2016 C
2016 Winter 07/14/2016 A
2016 Shoulder 10/01/2016 C
2016 Shoulder 10/07/2016 A
2016 Shoulder 10/14/2016 B

IRM.Net and Reservation Priority

The Reservation Priority works in conjunction with the IRM.Net to allow owners to book reservations directly, eliminating the need to contact the property to book their stay. When an owner logs into their owner account on the IRM.Net, they will encounter three possible scenarios:

  • The date is open for the owner to make a reservation for that period, and the Check Availability link is active in order to proceed with the booking.
  • The period is not yet open for reservations for this owner, and the date in which the reservation can be made is displayed.
  • The reservation has already been booked for that period, displaying the dates and the reservation number.


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