PMS Accounting Features

Real Time Business Intelligence Dashboards

Business intelligence dashboards transform the way you see your business and deliver insights to enable fast, informed decisions. Pull Data from multiple sources real time to bring light to the key performance indicators that influence your business. We can take RDP revenue data and merge that with your back office accounting system for real time profit and loss. Get itemized POS reports by reservation number and much more!

Transform your business and deliver insights to enable fast, informed decisions

  • Visualize and share data effortlessly across devices.
  • Analyze and explore data seamlessly, both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Collaborate and share interactive reports and customized dashboards.
  • Ensure scalability and security with built-in governance features.

Revenue Management

Apply Suggestive algorithms to help with price point decisions and maximize revenue based on occupancy.

Marketing & Web Integration

Combine the power of google analytics with your RDP Data to make more efficient marketing decisions.

  • Visualize your business on a global scale, then drill in to decide exactly where you want to run campaigns.
  • Paired with RDP Guest history you can market to the people that produce the most revenue for your business.

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