Internet Virtual Store for IRMng

No More Paying Travel Agents, GDS Providers, or Wholesalers.

The Virtual Store works in conjunction with the Internet Reservation Module to help maximize the positive guest experience and incidental revenue.  By selling directly to the public, all third-party commissions are bypassed.

How It Works

The Virtual Store offers the ability to reserve and purchase additional activities; in this case, ski lessons.  By purchasing lessons online, the guest can bypass lines and crowded shops on the mountain which offers better, faster service to the guest while generating additional revenue without any man-hours. Once the guest chooses a vendor, the specific lesson activities display with pricing information and allows the guest to select the quantity and book once during the entire stay or for each of the number of nights (the entire stay).

The Virtual Store displays all items that can be purchased and takes into consideration the number of nights and the number of people on each reservation.  For example, the “3 Day Lift” and “4 Day Lift” items are not shown, since this is a 2-night stay.  Also, if there were children on the reservation, then child lift tickets and lessons would display.

RDP’s Internet Reservation Module (IRM) can be integrated into your current marketing website.

Key features include:

  • IRM reservations are commission-free.
  • IRM reservations are stored immediately into the RDP database.
  • True “last-room” availability.
  • The average RDP customer with the IRM generates over $200,000/year in additional revenue than those without.
  • Guests, owners, owner’s guests, groups and travel agents and owner guests can all make IRM reservations.

Activities can be added to existing reservations as well.

The guest logs in to their account on the Internet Reservations Module, selects the reservation for which to add services, and then chooses the activities.

Activities that are added are included on the guest’s custom itinerary which can be emailed or printed and presented to the guest upon arrival.

Easy to Read

As the guest chooses items to be purchased, a summary displays below the reservation details.  The activity name, date to be used,  price, quantity, cost, tax, and total charge is available for review.  When the guest clicks Continue after all activity bookings are entered, the guest can either log in if they are a returning guest or enter their contact information and click the Make Reservation button to complete the process.  This allows the guest one final review of additional charges on the reservation prior to filing the reservation.

After the reservation has been approved by the guest and saved into the RDP system, a confirmation page appears.  Along with the reservation details, all additional items purchased by the guest will display.  This page can be printed by the guest as a confirmation and given to the front desk upon check-in.  An email is also sent to the guest with the same information.

IRM Integration

RDP’s Internet Reservation Module (IRM) allows guests, travel agents, groups, wholesalers and others to make reservations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, directly into your RDP database.  The Virtual Store module, which requires the IRM Module) increases the functionality of the IRM to sell the Internet guest additional items during the reservation process, such as:

  • Lift Tickets
  • Ski Lessons
  • Ski Rentals
  • Massages
  • Boat Rentals
  • T-Shirts
  • Golf Tee Times
  • Water Park Tickets
  • Additional Items

Virtual Store Reporting

Virtual Store reports can be generated daily to ensure that additional activities such as lift tickets or rental coupons will be waiting for the guest at check-in.  Reports can be run based on criteria such as arrival date, vendor, vendor category, or items purchased.  For example, a report can be run showing all Vail lift tickets for the upcoming week, all equipment rentals for the past week, or all items regardless of category by arrival date. Additionally, you can track the activity cost vs. the markup in order to easily identify the profit for each activity sold.

Vendors that provide activities can be excluded from the Virtual Store based on a date range, preventing guests from booking an activity that is not available. For example, turn off the ability for guests to purchase ski rentals during the summer months, or rafting trips in the winter.

RDP’s Virtual Store works in conjunction with the IRM.Net and RDPWin’s Itinerary & Concierge (RP) module to provide a seamless interface between the online guest and your staff. RDP’s Virtual Store is available now, so contact RDP Sales for pricing or to schedule your installation.

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