Sample Screens – Reservation Tape Chart

The Tape Chart displays reservations by room number in a grid format, providing a visual of the property’s occupancy. The different colors indicate the type of reservation with the length of stay represented by the size of each reservation bar.

Reservation Tape Chart Notes

  • The tape chart display rooms in number, room type, or a customer-defined sequence.
  • Up to 52 weeks of availability are displayed on one screen and accessible through the scroll bar.
  • A colored tape is displayed with the start and end date of the reservation.
  • By highlighting a reservation and clicking, the reservation detail is displayed as shown in the sample screen above.
  • Double-clicking a Reservation tape will open the Edit Reservation window.
  • A new reservation can be booked from the reservation tape chart.
  • The system tracks the market code and source of business for each reservation.  Detailed statistical reports may then be printed to track marketing efforts.  See Sample Reports.

See Reservations Overview, RDP Packages, Yield Management, Front Desk/Night Audit, and Groups/Conferences.

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