Sample Reports – What-If Analysis by Month

The What-If Analysis Reports include the following information:

  • Prompts for the year, month, proposed average daily rate, and occupancy percentage.
  • The report takes the information gathered in these prompts and compares them to the actuals for the same time frame. For example, when running the What-If Analysis by Month report, the proposed figures for a specific month in the past are compared to the actuals for that same month. The report can be useful for generating budgetary figures and for projecting future revenue.
  • In addition to comparing actual numbers, the report can be used to compare future dates with projected numbers. For example, after running the RDP920 program for a month in the future, use the What-If Analysis report to see how those actual numbers on the books may be changed by increasing the number of rooms booked, the average daily rate, or the occupancy percentage.
Column Description
Actual The Actual column displays historical statistical numbers, including the number of rooms occupied, total room charges, average daily rate, occupancy percentage, and unoccupied rooms.
What-Ifs The What-If column is populated by entering analytical numbers for average daily rate and occupied percentage.  In the example below, the analytical numbers are $150 for average daily rate and 75% occupancy.  This What-If analysis tells the property that with a higher average daily rate, occupancy may fall slightly; however, total room revenue will increase.  Use this analysis report determining rate increases.
Variance The difference between the “Actual” and “What-If” columns.


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