Sample Reports – Individual Guest Confirmation

Individual Guest Confirmation

A sample guest confirmation appears below, created with Crystal reports. Features to consider:

  • Confirmations can be easily modified by the user with Crystal Reports Standard Edition.
  • Rate changes that occur during the reservation can be displayed at the bottom of the confirmation.
  • Confirmations can be mailed, faxed, or sent via e-mail.
  • Any information from the reservation can be included on the confirmation.
  • Plain paper can be used, pre-printed forms, or self mailers.  See RDP Forms for details. 
  • The system can print all confirmations for the day automatically.
  • See Reservation Module for more details on reservations and confirmation.
  • See Internet Reservation Module (IRM).

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Over 500 Reports are Included with RDP

More than 500 reports are included with the RDP Software package. Each report can be easily modified or changed using Crystal Reports 2008.