Reservations – New Reservations

The New Reservation screen looks a bit different for each type of reservation being made.  Types offered in the system, based on modules installed and individual customer configuration, are Paying Guest, Owner, Guest of Owner, Long Term, Special, Multiple Folio, Timeshare, Bonus Time, Exchange, and Maintenance.

See Reservations Overview for more information.

New Reservation – Paying Guest

New Reservations (Owner)

See Reservations Overview for more information.

Additional Buttons on New Reservations Screen

Find Guest Name The Guest Name Find button allows the search of the entire guest history database to find the address information for any guest who has previously stayed at the property.

Find CRM Name The CRM Name Find button displays all existing guests within the frequent guest program.  RDPWin offers a complete “Customer Relationship Management” system, which is designed to track all relationships with guests to improve guest service and marketing.  All guest visits are tracked from one or more property.  Points can be awarded for each reservation.  The number of points can be different for diverse seasons, room types, total dollars spent, and other variables.  Guests can make reservations by redeeming points.  Restrictions can be applied to control when “point reservations” are allowed.  A complete history is kept of all point reservations.

Find Group Name The Group Name Find button displays all existing groups in the system.  RDPWin contains extensive group capabilities, including the ability to have room blocks for groups, specific group rate plans, group check-in/check-out, statements, e-mail marketing, and much more.

Find Leader Name The Leader Name Find button displays the existing group leaders within a specific group.  The system allows billing to a specific guest folio, the group master, or the group leader.

Find Travel Agent The Travel Agent Find button displays all existing travel agents in the system.  Up to three different commissions can be paid on the same reservation.

Owner Vacation Rentals Condo-Hotel Timeshare Reservations can be made for Condominium Owners.  RDP has extensive capabilities for short term rentals of individually owned condominiums or houses.

Show Availability Shows the availability of the property by Room Type
Available Rooms Shows the available room numbers.  Reservations can be made by room type or room number.

Yield Management Displays the Yield Management screen.

Add (Quote) Displays a quote for the price of the room for the arrival date, departure date, and room type (or room number) selected.  When a potential guest calls to make reservations, the reservationist can quote prices for different dates and room types.  Each quote is saved until a selection is made.

View Folio The View Folio button displays the current charges for this new reservation, which can include room rates, packages, and additional items, such as ski lift tickets, roll away beds, bike rentals, golf course tee times, etc.  The system allows a complete itinerary to be created for each guest.  Confirmation letters can be automatically generated.

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