Complete Marketing and Reservation Services

Welcome to the world’s largest branded network and the only complete full-service hospitality software system solution for listing vacation rentals with ease and success on the major OTA’s!

RDP is excited to announce a partnership with RedAwning to offer seamless connectivity between RDPWin4 and the RedAwning database. RedAwning is the world’s largest branded network of vacation rental properties offering 24/7 guest support services. RedAwning is the leading supplier of vacation rentals to major online travel agents and channels, including, Expedia, HomeAway/VRBO, Flipkey/TripAdvisor, and Airbnb. They offer the easiest, most transparent, guest-supported vacation rental experience available. RedAwning provides the only full-service reservations and guest service solution for property managers to reach millions of travelers across the globe on all major online travel websites.

Who is RedAwning?

RedAwning is the world’s largest branded global network of vacation rental properties providing connectivity to all major online travel websites with complete 24/7 marketing and reservation services.

RedAwning has evolved since 2008 with a solid, trusted business model, to become a leading supplier of vacation rentals to all the major channels; a stable, profitable company for marketing and reservation services for property managers; and a leading brand for travelers expecting the easiest, most transparent, guest-supported booking experience. We are a Preferred IT Partner for, and a Preferred HomeAway Software Partner.

How does RedAwning Work?

With one contract and one consolidated RedAwning interface, RDP clients send content, rates and availability to the largest network in the world, without having to sign a single extra contract or agreement with any other channel, or pay the set-up fees and annual fees for each.

Once connected, RDP customers get the cost and time-saving advantage of RedAwning’s marketing and guest services. RedAwning will oversee marketing, and optimization on each channel, and provide reservation and guest support, including payment processing, on every channel where they’re distributed, to deliver only completed bookings back into your RDP system.

How do RDP Customers Benefit?

RedAwning supports both key-level properties and rep level properties to provide you with the maximum exposure needed for your unit number and unit type properties.

With Key Level properties, each property is displayed individually on sites like and Expedia, giving your property’s units maximum exposure, with instant bookability, and higher conversion rates. Rep level properties can also be displayed and managed by RedAwning.

Whichever way you select, RedAwning’s 24/7 post-connectivity marketing and reservation services ensure your listings are kept healthy and highly ranked in search results using proven, metric-driven, channel-specific strategies on every channel.

And once those bookings start rolling in, they handle all the time-consuming reservation services and payment processing on each channel, including inquiries, credit card declines, double-bookings, relocation and refunds, as well as 24/7 guest support before, during and after the stay.

You get more exposure with one centralized service. And significantly more, completed, ready-to-go bookings. No other channels, dashboards or spreadsheets to manage. And no time-consuming, employee-heavy reservation processing.

The quintessential value in choosing RedAwning for connectivity is all the work and services we provide post-connectivity. We are the only complete marketing and reservation solution in the world.

How do you get Started?

  1. Sign the contract with RedAwning for one-stop marketing and reservation services. Contact SEAN RAFTREE, to learn more about commission and pricing
  2. Update to the latest version of RDPWin 4
  3. RedAwning’s interface uses RDPWin Monitor to communicate and does not have any special hardware requirements. However, the property and the RDPWin Monitor must have high speed internet access.
  4. Purchase the RDP RedAwning Subscription from RDP
    There is a one- time setup fee of $2,000 and an annual subscription of $1,200.
    Consolidate all the channel fees and annual costs you would have paid each channel into one interface, one set-up, one payment, one annual subscription. Save time and money while getting more bookings, guaranteed.
  5. Contact your RedAwning Account Manager to begin the process of interfacing with RDP. You will be assigned this person when you sign your contract.

Welcome to the world of full-service marketing and reservation support for your listings!