RDP Proposal Items Explained

Company Overview:

Resort Data Processing, Inc. (RDP) is a privately-owned property management software company headquartered in Vail, Colorado. We are a family operation that develops, installs and manages proprietary software throughout United States, Canada, Central America, and Caribbean. RDP has sold over 1,500 systems. Annually, over 25,000,000 room nights are booked and entrusted to RDP software. RDP embraces a unique “family” character where we welcome all of our clients to our family. RDP considers our relationships as a partnership.

Company History:

RDP has been in business for over 35 years. The company has complete control with the founders and never needed to procure venture capital, which means RDP will be here to support your company for years to come. Our 1000+ sales provide support income to fund product improvements, which you receive with your support contract. The software is only a piece of the solution; where RDP stands above the rest is our dedicated 24/7/365 technical support, product updates, on-site training and customer conferences.

Customers Stay in Direct Contact with Top Management:

While RDP has been in business for more than 35 years, we are still a small company with direct contact between top management and customers. We have become friends with our customers over the years. Our customer conferences in Vail, Colorado have the feeling of a family gathering and not a corporate function. This is an important element of our company, as it is more fun to help a friend with a problem. Barry Biegler is the President and Founder of Resort Data Processing, Inc. His direct, personal phone number is 970-845-1157. Barry believes in the value behind genuine connection with clients, current and potential, to create lasting partnerships. With most companies, it is almost impossible to find someone who is in charge and actually able to make a decision. If the need arises, Barry encourages you to call him directly.

Why Buy RDP?

  • Generate significantly more revenue
  • Entire staff is based in the USA
  • Support available 24/7/365
  • Adaptable to the needs of our customer
  • Provide an unprecedented level of customization
  • Direct contact with our top management
  • Continue to enhance existing product features
  • RDP has been in business for 35+ years
  • RDP is privately owned and financially secure
  • RDP continues to develop new product features

RDP is a small company that provides personal service

Dashboard – Central Command Interface

The highly dynamic & malleable Dashboard gives each user the ability to mold an interface to show only and all of the information that they need to see. 

  • Fluidly create the data set displayed by pertinent needs of the User and Time of Day
  • Choose between Front Desk, Reservations and Managerial views
  • Keep the Dashboard open and chose a refresh rate to allow for quick and accurate reference
  • Metrics are displayed real-time to facilitate adjustments of rates and selling strategy


RDPWin Rates & Packages

The RDPWin Rates & Package system is designed to automatically calculate the cost of each rate or package based on date, room type, room number, number of guests, and more.

  • Room Only Rates
  • Packages
  • Discounted Rates
  • Best Available Rates
  • Rate Patterns
  • Freezing of Rates
  • Rate Plan Cutoffs
  • Tiered Rates on IRMng

RDPWin Confirmation and E-Mailing Capabilities

RDPWin and the IRMng can automatically send Text or HTML emails to Guests, Owners, Travel Agents and Groups. 

  • Confirmations are branded & automatically sent via your email provider
  • Setup Confirmation Triggers for new reservations, check-outs and cancellations
  • Create Guest Surveys to gauge overall guest experience and collect feed-back for growth

RDPWin Yield Management Tools

RDPWin yield management functionality can significantly increase Occupancy, Average Daily Rate (ADR) and Revenue per Available Room (RevPar). RDPWin Yield Management features include:

  • Rate Definition by Day
  • Occupancy Based Rate Changes
  • Quoting Tools
  • Group, Wholesale & Travel Agent Rates

RDPWin Groups & Wholesaler Functionality

Reservations for all types of groups are possible within RDP. Manage Group Blocks, Direct Billing, and Invoicing via the Group Management Suite.

  • Email Marketing to Groups
  • Pickup from Group Blocks
  • Split Charges – Individuals & Group
  • Master Folio & Individual Folios
  • Group Check-in/Check-out
  • Aged Accounts Receivables

IRMng – Internet Reservation Module

The IRMng allows millions of potential guests, groups, travel agents, and wholesalers to Check Availability and make Commission Free Reservations 24/7/365. The IRMng connection to the RDP database is real-time, which creates true Last Room Availability.

  • RDP’s IRMng allows for commission-free online reservations 24/7/365
  • Completely responsive booking engine makes the booking process easy on any screen
  • Highly customizable through configuration settings, themes, HTML and CSS modifications
  • Direct access for Guests, Travel Agents, Groups and Wholesalers

IRMng Virtual Store

The Virtual Store works in combination with the IRMng to help maximize the positive guest experience and increase incidental revenue by selling additional items during the online reservation process.

  • Provide guests the ability to purchase activities or other additional items while booking a room
  • Purchases can be analyzed based on criteria such as arrival date, vendor, or items purchased
  • Guests can login using IRMng and add activities at a later time and date

IRMng Analytics & Campaign Management

RDP’s IRMng Analytics can track all website activity on the IRMng Booking Engine, even if a guest does not complete the reservation. It also allows your property to create and track marketing campaigns and promotions.

  • All traffic is tracked by IRMng Analytics to better understand your audience
  • Track the success of promotional campaigns to refine marketing strategies
  • Know the percentage of guests who complete the booking process, or where the booking is lost
  • Ability to track Google Pay-Per-Click advertising and better manage marketing budgets

RDPWin Channel Management

RDPWin takes the “Best-of-Breed” approach when allowing you to choose how to distribute inventory. This means qualifying what provider fits best with your operations and using a Full 2-Way Connection to sync Rates & Availability. A few Provider Connections are:

  • HomeAway/VRBO
  • SiteMinder
  • RedAwning
  • AirBnB
  • TravelClick
  • Booking.com

Mobile Devices for RDP’s Property Management Software

Resort Data Processing has innovated to include the MobileSuite, designed to improve communication and Enhance Guest Experience. These modules allow you to utilize RDP on a wide variety of handheld devices, including smart phones and tablets.

RDP Mobile Phone Guest Communication

RDP Mobile Communications allow for interaction with guests via text messaging.

  • Create & Send a text to the guest’s mobile phone, (e.g. Package Delivery, Room Ready)
  • Send Mass-Texts to all In-House guests to relay Time Sensitive information

RDP Mobile Work Orders and Maintenance

Mobile Work Orders and Maintenance provides the functionality of RDPWin’s Work Order and Asset Management system on a mobile device.

  • Increase Communication and Response Time for critical fixes
  • Add, Change, Start/End Work Orders; Create metrics and performance analysis
  • Take and store pictures related to the Work Order for historical reference
  • Each staff member can view Work Orders Assigned to them and receive Push Notifications

RDP Mobile Check-In

RDP Mobile Check-In brings the power of RDP’s Front Desk System directly to the guest and allows for Check-In from a Mobile Device. 

  • Eliminate the need for guests to wait in-line at the Front Desk.
  • View a list of Reservations that have yet to Arrival
  • View guest Reservation Information, folio detail, Notes, Comments and Preferences
  • Meet guests on property and Check-In remotely, creating a simple Guest Experience

RDP Mobile Housekeeping

Mobile Housekeeping extends the power of RDP’s Housekeeping System and facilitates communication between the Housekeeping Department.

  • Separate Information Displays for Management and Housekeepers
  • Change room status, add Notes/Pictures and change Service Type
  • Create Performance Metrics to incentivize work and Create Accountability

RDP Mobile Management

Mobile Management allows for more Informed Management of the property from any location using a smart phone or tablet. View Reservations and Revenue Data for yesterday, today, or tomorrow by Week, Month or Year.

  • Reports available via mobile devices: Revenue, Occupancy, ADR, RevPAR, & Flash Report
  • All reports can be grouped by Market Code, Rate Plan, Room Type and Source of Business

RDPWin CRM & Guest Rewards Program

The Guest Rewards Program & CRM module is designed to provide tools for in-depth Guest History management and to offer a Point Rewards Program for repeat guests.

  • Collect and hold extensive information about guests to create a “High-Touch” experience
  • Create Returning Guests by allowing for them to Earn & Redeem points with your property
  • Allow Guests to login to their account and Book Online using accrued points
  • Restrictions can be applied to control when “point reservations” are allowed

RDPWin Reporting

RDPWin comes standard with 400+ Crystal Reports which are fully customizable, allowing users to include Company Branding, manipulate data that is shown on the report and add additional information from the database.

  • RDP Uses SAP Crystal Reports as the basis for 400+ standard reports
  • Report Scheduler automatically delivers important and pertinent reports to any Inbox
  • Customers can modify any reports or create new reports with SAP Crystal Reports Designer

Central Reservations

RDPWin creates Central Reservation functionality for Management Companies with multiple properties. Property Identifiers guarantee the best accommodation to suit your guests needs.

  • Separate RDP databases are created for each location which allows unlimited scalability
  • Easily qualify the correct property with tailored search criteria (i.e. bed configuration, view, etc.)
  • Agents can search availability across all or selected properties

Enhanced Work Orders and Asset Management

RDPWin Work Orders and Asset Management module is designed to Automate the Process of entering and completing Work Orders, Maintenance Requests, Preventative Maintenance, as well as tracking all Fixed Assets in rooms or stored at the property. Features of this core functionally include:

  • Dashboard Display for Manager
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Historical Work Order Info
  • Billing options for Owners, Groups & Reservations
  • Vendor Payables processing and statements
  • Time & Material tracking

Guest Itinerary & Activity Scheduling

RDPWin’s Itinerary and Concierge module provides the ability for Guest Services & Concierge to produce a complete and unique Itinerary for each Guest or Group Leader.

  • Track if a given activity is available
  • Charge guest folio for any activity
  • Print Tickets for the guest
  • Print complete guest Itineraries
  • Report on activities by vendor
  • Print vouchers for each activity
  • Track direct activities costs and Revenue
  • Multiple activities and Season Pricing for Vendors


Uploading Guest History Information: name, address, phone #, etc can be imported into RDP.

Uploading Condominium or Vacation Rental Owner Information: name, address, phone #, etc can be imported into RDP.

Uploading Future Reservations : Name, Dates, Rates, Room Number, Room Type, etc.. can be imported into RDP

Training and Support

The RDP technical support contract includes the following components:


Technical Support Contract and Product Improvements


RDP’s technical support department is available Monday to Friday from 7:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M Mountain Standard Time. Wednesdays support is open from 7 A.M. to 3 P.M. to allow for training of the staff.


Technical Support includes:


·        Technical support during standard hours

·        Five after-hours emergency support calls included with this proposal

·        Product updates as improvements are released, about once per year

·        Support via Web-Ex to allow direct connection to your system

·        Internet support via the RDP website

·        Subscription to RDP newsletters

·        Invitation to the customer conference in Vail, Colorado

·        Updates to integrated help system

·        Updates to your demonstration system for training on new features


Product Updates Included with Support Contract


RDP spends over $1,000,000 each year on product improvements. All improvements to modules you have purchased are included at no extra charge with the standard support contract.

24 Hour /365 Day Support Available


RDP offers an after-hours 24 hour/365 day-a-year support contract to cover non-business hours.  A valid standard-hours support contract must be active to elect this service.  Five after-hours calls are included in this proposal. Once the initial five after-hours calls are used, a non-refundable payment of $500 is required to continue this service.  A charge of $100 is deducted for each after hour call, no matter how long it takes to solve the problem.


Training Versus Support


The RDP support contract includes an unlimited number of calls regarding specific questions and troubleshooting problems, but is not designed to replace training on the system.  For example, if you have never used the work order system the support contract does not include step-by-step training, and we would recommend you purchase additional training on that topic.






Additional Support Resources


In addition to personal technical support the following support resources are available:



Help System


The entire system manual is integrated into the system and updated each time you receive a free product update with your support contract.  The help system is “context sensitive”. For example, if you are the reservation tape chart the help link will bring up information for that particular screen.

Support Website



RDP’s website, www.resortata.com, contains a tremendous amount of material, including a knowledge base, frequently asked questions, new features overview and much more.  We strongly suggest all customers visit the site frequently.

Demonstration Property for Training


During on-site installation RDP will create a demonstration property on your network that is available from any workstation for internal training and testing.  This demo system is an exact copy of your real system and is an invaluable tool to increase your system knowledge.

Training Classes

At your site or in Vail



RDP offers various training classes at our headquarters in Vail.  Additionally, many customers schedule on-site training periodically to keep up on changes to the system and also train new employees.


Enhancement Requests


Custom Programming


RDP improves the system based on enhancement suggestions from customers.  We carefully examine all requests and implement the most popular, which are then included in the next update at no charge as part of your support contract.  However, it is impossible to implement all suggestions as part of the support contract.  If there is a particular feature that is critical to your operation, and is not incorporated as part of the free support contract update process, RDP will provide a fixed price quotation to add that feature as custom programming.


RDPWin’s Encompassing Property Management Functionality

RDP’s full property management system is designed for managing operations at any scale.

  • Direct Reservations
  • Online Reservations
  • Complete Housekeeping Mgmt
  • Work Orders and Asset Mgmt
  • Yield Management Tools
  • Reservation Change Tracking
  • Easy Check-in & Check-out
  • Reservations Tape Chart
  • Guest Activities
  • Comprehensive Rate Packages
  • Guest History & CRM
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities
  • Groups Tracking and Billing
  • Wholesalers Tracking and Billing
  • Travel Agents Tracking and Billing
  • Night Audit
  • PCI Compliant Credit Card System
  • Custom Programming Available

RDPWin’s Data-Automation for Management & Homeowners

RDP’s full property management system Automates Data-Sharing across Reservations, Work Orders, Travel Agents, Housekeeping, and Owners.

  • Statement cycles can be monthly, quarterly, or any other cycle your company may use
  • Adjustments to Owner Revenue and Management Fees are quick and easy
  • Reservation Related Charges are easily be added to owner statements
  • Global Posting of charges to owners are completed with ease and simplicity
  • Owner Statements are e-mailed as a PDF or printed
  • Additional attachments are abe to be e-mailed with the Owner Statement


OwnerNg – RDP’s Homeowner Portal

RDP’s OwnerNg provides extensive owner internet functionality that empowers owners to take accountability for their account within a highly customizable portal.

  • Secure Payments are made on the portal and directly with the property
  • Home owners are able to make owner, guest of owner, and owner referral reservations online
  • Owner Calendars are configured to owner needs and can be printed directly from the portal
  • View or print all past Owner Statements on-demand
  • Owners are able to request and review work orders online

Easy On-Boarding for new Properties and Employees

By tailoring the system to be precise for each property, new staff can know characteristics of each home while making their first reservation. 

  • Create unique identifiers for each home and provide guests the amenities they need
  • Training modules included with the system to bring employees up to speed quickly
  • Dyanamic interface that allows for each unique user to navigate as efficiently as possible
  • Unmatched Service & Support based totally in Colorado

PCI Compliant Solution

RDPWin has teamed with industry leading companies to provide a Secure Payment solution that is compliant with Payment Card Industry requirements and protects users. 

  • Modern Encryption technology creates ability to store credit cards on reservation for later use
  • Choose from multiple experienced and industry leading Gateway and Processor providers
  • Integrated with all of our supported Ecommerce sites


RDPWin Guest Survey

Collect imperative information about Guest Stays, Staff Performance, Cleanliness or any other data your property would like to account to. Survey results are stored in the RDP database which allows the results to be seen on a variety of reports and in RDP. 

  • Send automatic thank you e-mails after checkout with a survey attached
  • Create and send HTML e-mail with survey links directly from RDP
  • Analyze guest survey results in RDP
  • Unique surveys can be created every reservation type

Mass E-Mail Marketing

Use Guest History and targeted demographics to advertise to specific audiences, and deliver important information regarding Reservations.

  • Increase Direct Bookings by marketing to past guests to create more Revenue
  • Send Pre-Arrival Emails containing Concierge Information and Deposit Payment reminders
  • Market to specific regions to anticipate their upcoming vacation season

Booking Pace & Forecasting

RDPWin creates the ability to compare forecasted revenue and occupancy with the company performance at the same time last year. Reports include:

  • Weekly Growth Comparison Report
  • Six-Month Booking Report
  • Forecasting Snapshot
  • Agent, Wholesaler, Tour Operator Forecasts

RDPWin 3rd Party Integration

RDPWin interfaces with a wide variety of third-party services to facilitate business operations.

  • Revenue Mgmt & CRM Interfaces
  • Environmental Interface
  • Point of Sale (POS) Interfaces
  • Concierge Interfaces
  • Call Accounting Interfaces
  • Complete Phone Interfaces
  • Room Key Card Interfaces
  • + Developing with Customer Needs!
Item Description Cost $
Yearly Support

Contract and Product Updates

Support is billed once a year and includes web-based support and product updates to modules purchased.


The initial 60 days of technical support is included.  You will be invoiced 60 days after installation for the first year’s support.   Five ‘Emergency After Hours’ support calls are also included for issues after normal business hours.  Normal business hours are M-F, 7-6 PM, MST

~$ 3,500/Year


Billed once a year

Credit Card Interface Subscription  

The RDP credit card interface uses middleware software from Shift4 or Tenerum to interface to the processor of your choice.  The RDP subscription covers all future enhancements and changes due to PCI compliance and other industry changes. RDP’s Credit Card Interface subscription is $100.00 per month.


Starting at $150/mo
Credit Card Gateways  

RDP partners with several EMV ready Gateways, providing the utmost in credit card payment security. RDP’s credit card team will explain your opportunities.


Camille Fowler





Contact RDP Team to get setup and transactional fees



Preferred Processor


RDP has partnered with Chosen Payments to be the preferred credit card processor. This partnership allows RDP to provide volume discounts to our customers saving them thousands of dollars annually. Janice Evangelista is the RDP  Account Manager and she can provide details processing fees. 


Janice Evangelista

Office Number-(801)839-2790 ext 401

Mobile Number-(801) 201-2356

Fax: (801) 807-0520



Contact Chosen Payments to get processing fees
Credit Card Savings Savings by using the RDP gateway interface and RDP’s preferred credit processor, Chosen Payments. $TBD
Crystal Reports

RDP Software includes hundreds of reports written with Crystal Reports, one of the most popular report writing tools available. Only the person who will create or modify reports needs a copy of Crystal Reports.  Users do not need any knowledge of Crystal Reports, or a license, to run reports and confirmations.  Crystal Reports is available for around $495 from the manufacturer website:

SAP Crystal



$495 if wanting to modify existing reports or create your own reports



Actian Zen



RDP software uses the Actian Zen database from Pervasive Software. Actian Zen is priced based on the number of workstations that access the RDP system simultaneously.  Please note that this must be purchased from RDP and not a third party.

6-User License – $1,495


10-User License – $2,195


Custom Programming & Enhancements


If this proposal contains Custom Programming or Custom Enhancements, they will be defined with anticipated completion dates.  Often custom programming can be delivered upon installation.  However there are times when unforeseeable circumstances prevent delivery in a timely manner.

Cost TBD
Sales Tax  

Sales tax is not included the proposal.  If your state requires “use tax” it must be paid directly to your state.

Cost TBD
Interface Bridge Computers One or more “bridge computers” may be required for RDP interfaces, such as call accounting, voice mail, point-of-sale, Global Distribution System, etc. Cost N/A – Depends on Hardware needed
Booking Engine



RDP’s Internet Reservation Module (IRMNg Booking Engine) requires:


  • Windows 2008 or 2012 server
  • Full time connection to Internet with Static IP Address
  • Standalone hardware firewall for added security
  • Secure Server Digital ID
Cost TBD – Depends on Hardware needed.
Hardware & Cabling:  

RDP does not sell hardware, such as Windows servers, workstations, printers, cables, etc.   We will be glad to work with the hardware vendor of your choice to make sure you have the correct equipment for our application.

Cost TBD
Travel Costs and Policies NOT Included in this Contract




Airline ticket pricing is complex and changes dramatically based on many factors, such as the number of days in advance the tickets are purchased.  After you select installation dates we will send you a letter with the cost of travel, based on the lowest available fare from our home airport in Vail (Eagle County Airport – EGE) to the closest airport to your site.


Rental Car


The cost of a rental car is billed at $75/day.  This includes the cost for all insurance, gas, and taxes.  If more than one RDP installer is assigned to your installation you will only be billed for one rental car.   A rental car is required for installation, even if your site provides a shuttle from the airport.  RDP installers do not work 24 hours a day while on-site and require the rental car during off hours. The actual cost to RDP may be more or less; your charge is always $75/day, including a travel day on each side of your implementation.

Per Diem


There is a per diem charge of $100/day per installer, including a travel day on each side of your implementation.  This charge is designed to cover a wide variety of travel costs, including:

·        Installer meals.  Some of our customers have an on-site restaurant and have requested that part of the per diem be waived in return for free meals at their facilities. This type of arrangement is not possible because RDP installers do not work 24 hours a day and their meals are often during non-work hours when off-site.

·        Installer travel time.  On average the RDP installer will spend 20 hours traveling during the round trip.  RDP does not charge the customer for this travel time, but part of the per diem is used to offset travel time wages.

·        Miscellaneous travel costs, such as tips, phone calls, parking, tolls, dry cleaning, etc.


Room at your property


The customer must provide one room with private bath for each RDP installer.  The environment must be secure and conform to normal business standards.  If rooms are not available at your property, you will be billed back for the installer’s room.

Click here to view our Terms and Conditions.

Click here for RDPWin Minimum Hardware Requirements