RCI Exchange Module

Resort Data Processing (RDP) has partnered with RCI to develop the RCI Exchange Interface Module. This module is designed to eliminate the manual process required to confirm ownerships of exchange reservations. It also retrieves inbound reservations, automatically entering these reservations into RDP.  Any property that is familiar with the RCI exchange program knows there are many manual, time-consuming steps involved in confirming ownership or entering inbounded exchange reservations.  This module simplifies and/or eliminates many of these processes.

RCI is the global leader in vacation exchange, facilitating exchanges among timeshare owners in its global community of 3.7 million owners worldwide. RCI exchanges quality vacation experiences at more than 4,000 resorts in 100 countries through week-for-week and points-based timeshare exchange networks.

Retrieve and Approve Deposits

The RCI Module allows properties to retrieve and approve deposits of exchange weeks made by their timeshare owners quickly and easily. RCI is able to confirm the validity of the ownership with the property, with much of it handled automatically with the RDP-RCI Module.

Automatically Retrieve Inbounds

Inbound exchange reservations are automatically retrieved and entered in RDP. When an owner makes the exchange reservation with RCI, the information is communicated to the property via the RCI interface. The reservation is automatically entered into RDP. Not only are new reservations entered, but the interface also handles changes to reservations as well as cancellations.

This module is currently in development. More information coming soon. Contact RDP Sales for details.

Reservation Distribution Channels – GDS / OTA  Interfaces

The RDP reservation system is designed to provide true last room availability from a variety of channels simultaneously as illustrated by the diagram below.

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