New Features - Hospitality Software

A list of new modules available for your system is below.  To download an update, visit the Support Update Page.

 Latest RDPWin5 Features


  • Early Check-In’s and Extended Check-outs can now be sold on the IRMng Virtual Store with RDP’s new Activity Inventory Control functionality.
  • Self Check-In & Signature capture Registration Cards now saved on reservations in RDPWin5.
  • Micros Simphony POS integration
  • RDP Work Order Notifications – Configuration in RDPWin5 that includes push notifications on uncompleted work orders. As work orders are assigned to staff or vendors, notifications can be set by the day, hour or minute to notify management if a work order has not been completed.
  • Text messaging dynamic data pull – Ability to pull database information dynamically onto text messages to guests, groups, owners, etc. Names, room number, rate plan, and can be pulled and shown on texts out of RDP by a guest to guest basis. Now instead of sending a generic text that is the same for everyone properties can send a more personalized text.

Current Features