Mobile IRM Next Generation (IRMng) - Online Booking Engine for Smartphones and Tablets

In the 3rd Quarter of 2017, RDP announced the release of IRM Next Generation, IRMng.  This application takes advantage of the latest software development releases in order to provide potential guests with a streamlined online booking experience.  Please visit this page for additional information.

Mobile IRM is part of RDP’s suite of mobile modules.  It is part of our fully responsive IRMng (Internet Reservation Module Booking Engine) that allows guests to make reservations using any Smartphone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection and a browser.

With IRMng the screens are optimized for the Smartphone or tablet screen size, allowing for easy viewing or availability and entry of data.  The IRMng greatly increases the appeal, functionality and success rates of bookings on your website.  Guests expect to be able to use their Smartphone to do many things these days, including easily make reservations.  Some statistics to note:

  • 51% of all guests who have a smartphone use it to find a property (see reference).
  • 65% of all same day reservations are from a smartphone.  (see reference).
  • The percentage of reservations using a Smartphone increased 50% in 2012 (see reference).

It is important to let the statistics above sink in.   Over 50% of your potential guests are using a Smartphone, and if you don’t have the IRMng you will lose all that business.  As time goes on, the percentage of reservations made via smart phone will only increase.  Don’t get left behind!

In addition to direct reservations from the IRMng, many customers will browse your site using their mobile device, and then call for more information or make the reservation on the phone.   If you do not have the IRMng, these customers are unlikely to ever make that phone call because they cannot properly peruse your website and booking engine.

RDP is offering special introductory pricing on IRMng.  For more information please contact RDP Sales.

New Guest Reservation

Returning Guests and Group Reservations

Demonstrations of RDP’s Next Generation Booking Engine, IRMng

For a demonstration of our booking engine IRMng use any device and click here.

Price and Availability of Mobile IRM

Mobile IRM is available immediately.  For pricing or to schedule an installation, please call Ross Moff at 970-845-1176     .  (

RDP also offers the following mobile optimized modules:

Also see:  “Mobile Device Overview”

Your Marketing Website with RDP IRMng

To optimize the value of  RDP’s IRMng, customers should also have a mobile version of their marketing website.  The flow is as follows:

  1. When a guest comes to your marketing website from a desktop or laptop computer, they will see the full sized marketing site as before.   The link on the full size marketing website for “make reservation now” will go to the full size IRMng from RDP.
  2. When a guest comes to your marketing website from a SmartPhone or Tablet, you should set your marketing website to automatically display your marketing mobile website.  The link on your mobile website for “make reservation now” will stay the same as IRMng will be properly formatted for either a SmartPhone,  Tablet, or desktop.

One of our customers, The Dalles Inn, has set up their site to function as described above.   Use the following link from your SmartPhone and then your desktop computer for an example:

Utilize Existing IRMng and Credit Card Processing

The IRMng is an add on for your existing system, and is installed on the same server as your current IRM.Net.  Credit card deposits can be taken on the IRMng or standard IRM.Net.

Price and Availability of Mobile IRM

IRMng is available today for all customers and prospects.    For pricing or to schedule an installation, please call Ross Moff at 970-845-1176     .  (

Reservation Distribution Channels – GDS / OTA  Interfaces

The RDP reservation system is designed to provide true last room availability from a variety of channels simultaneously as illustrated by the diagram below.

For more information click on any box below or View All Reservation Channels

Software Overivew

Resort Data Processing (RDP) software has been installed since 1981 at over 1000 locations worldwide (see customer list).  Please use the links below to learn more about RDP software for Hotels and Resorts. If you are renting homes or condominiums on a short term basis, please start with Vacation Rental Overview.  Timeshare properties should begin with our Timeshare Overview.  Our Campground system is also available.  Our systems are fully integrated, so all features in our hotel system are available for vacation rentals and timeshare resorts and vice versa.

Contact RDP Sales for pricing information or to schedule an onsite demonstration.