Guest Survey and Communication

RDP is pleased to announce the Guest Survey & Communications module.  With this module you can create an unlimited number of guest surveys, each with a wide variety of questions and free form comments.


Guests access these surveys using their web browser.  Survey results are stored in the RDP database on your data server, which allows the results to be seen on a variety of reports and RDPWin screens.  For example, if you view a past guest, all surveys completed by that guest can be viewed.  Or search on all surveys that indicated the front desk service was poor.

Surveys can also be created for Owners and Private Residence Club Members.   The module can also automatically send a thank you e-mail to the guest after checkout, which can include a copy of their folio, as well as an option to take a survey, make a new reservation, join your e-mail list, opt-out of future e-mails, and more.

For more information or to purchase the Guest Survey & Communication module please contact RDP Sales.

The following topics are covered:

Sample Guest Survey

  • Link to guest survey/comment card from automatic e-mail at checkout or from the HTML E-mail Module.
  • Guests access these surveys using their web browser.
  • Survey results are stored in the RDP database on your data server.
  • See results immediately on various reports and RDPWin screens.
  • Configure questions as well as free form comments.
  • Guests can opt-out of future e-mails or mailing.


Automatic Thank You E-mail with Optional Guest Folio at Check-out

The Guest Survey and Communications Module can automatically send a thank you E-mail to the guest after checkout. The wording of the thank you letter, as well as what pictures and logos to display, is completely in your control using Crystal Reports.  Things to notice on the sample E-mail below:

  • Thank you e-mail is sent automatically to the guest after checkout, which can include a copy of the folio.
  • Option to make a new reservation,  which links to IRM.
  • Option to join your guest rewards program, which links to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • Option to complete on-line comment card, which starts guest browser and links to survey page.  See sample Guest Survey.
  • Option to opt-out of future e-mails or standard promotions, conforming to anti-spamming regulation.  See E-mail Marketing.
  • You control the look and feel of the thank you e-mail, including wording, pictures, logos and attachments.  See Crystal Reports.

Sample Folio – Included as part of Automatic Thank you E-mail


Greatly Increase Survey Results with HTML E-mails

HTML e-mails can be sent through RDPWin.  The HTML e-mail capabilities allow hyperlinks and graphics to be embedded into the body of the HTML e-mail.  E-mail sent through RDPWin can be designed to mirror your marketing website design scheme. When paired with RDPWin’s Survey & Guest Communication Module, it greatly increases the rate of returned surveys.

By sending the invitation to take your survey in a HTML designed e-mail, you will receive increased response to your survey.

Include a link to the survey on a Thank You e-mail to the guest that can be automatically sent upon departure. Below is a sample of the HTML Thank You E-mail with active survey links in the banner. This e-mail can be styled to fit your property’s needs.

More information on HTML E-mails here.

Link Surveys to Reservation, Guest History and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Guest survey results are immediately stored in the RDP database where Crystal reports are available to view the results.  You can also see the results for any guest when viewing their reservation, guest history, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information.

Place the mouse over each box for more information

Link to IRM Analytics
and Measure Results of Promotions and Campaigns

The Guest Survey & Communication module allows marketing e-mails to be sent to guests that link to the IRM Analytics module in order to measure the results of specific promotions and campaigns.  For example, an e-mail campaign with a Spring Special Discount can be set up and then track results. For more information please see:

Guest Opt-Out Option

One of the most important aspects of e-mail marketing is to provide an option for the guest to opt-out of future e-mails to conform to anti-spamming regulations.  The Guest Survey & Communications module can include the ability for the guest to opt-out, which will prevent the RDP e-mail system from sending this guest mass e-mails in the future.  For more information please see:

Analyze Guest Survey Results

The guest survey allows each question and the type of answer to be configurable.  The survey results are stored immediately in the RDP database on your data server.  A variety of RDP tools and reports can be used to analyze these results.  For example, the Guest Survey Analysis grid can be used to display all guests who thought front desk service was poor or that the food was great.





Guest Survey Technical Details

The Guest Survey & Communications module allows guest surveys or on-line comment cards to be created.  The system can automatically send a thank you e-mail after checkout which optionally can include a copy of the folio and a link to take a survey.  The results of the surveys are stored immediately on your RDP database.  A variety of crystal reports are available to view the results  The information flow is as follows:


img5 (1)

Survey Requirements

Prior to RDP’s installation of the Survey Module, the following must be completed on the web server or survey workstation. If the Internet Reservations Module (IRM) is installed, these are most likely already completed. If the IRM is not installed, RDP recommends configuring the Survey Module on a separate computer from the RDP data server due to possible security issues.

For further details, contact RDP Sales.