Glad to Have You Interface – Vacation Rental Mobile App

RDP is pleased to announce a partnership with Glad To Have You, a mobile application specifically designed for the vacation rental market. Glad To Have You is revolutionizing the way vacation rental companies communicate with their guests with the first fully customizable mobile platform. The Glad To Have You app is downloadable from the Apple App Store or the Google Marketplace. This technology is designed to help your business generate more revenue by:

Increasing the efficiency of communication with your guests.
Increasing repeat business and new rental bookings by enhancing the guest experience.
Allowing you to communicate in real-time with each guest during their stay.
Making you more competitive to secure new rental properties.

RDP and Glad to Have You

RDP communicates with the Glad To Have You interface using the RDP API technology. Reservation and room information is provided from RDP to the interface. This allows the guest to have a truly personal experience, which leads to great vacations, higher guest satisfaction, and repeat guest conversions. Room information from RDP is provided to Glad To Have You to allow guests to plan their vacation while on this one. Room details, preferences, maps, and photos can be included on mobile app.

Other Glad to Have You Benefits

Glad To Have You mobile app provides many benefits to you and your guests. A few of the features include:

  • Custom welcome screens when the guest logs in, as well as other customizable content.
  • Local recommendations such as restaurants, area activities,  and other places of interest.
  • Real-time notifications using “Push Notifications” directly to the guest’s smart phone.
  • Analytics and statistics through the Glad To Have You portal.