General Ledger Accounting Software – Hotels and Resorts

Data Flow From RDP to Your Back Office System

Most hotels and resorts already have a back-office system from a major vendor such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, MAS90, etc.  There are many excellent third-party systems available, and it is RDP’s philosophy to interface our G/L sub-ledger to the back-office system of your choice.  This provides an ideal solution for many accountants, since they choose the best, most appropriate back-office system.  The data flow is as follows:



  • Account numbers are assigned during software installation from your chart of accounts to every RDP transaction code.
  • Transaction codes are posted within the RDP system to reservations, folios, groups, companies, travel agents, wholesalers, etc.
  • The system moves transactions into the G/L components during the audit process which produces a balanced daily G/L entry.
  • The balanced daily journal entry is exported to a network transfer file.
  • Your hotel’s back-office software system imports the transfer file as a daily journal entry.
  • The daily totals are transferred to your back-office system, but the detail behind the total is in RDP.  For example, if there were 300 local guest phone calls made at $.50 each, the total of $150 appears in the back-office system. The detail of each of the 300 calls is in the RDP system in the transaction detail report.
  • General Ledger history is stored forever in the RDP system and limited only by available disk space.  You have the ability to inquire on any G/L account for any past date and display all transactions.
  • Advance deposit ledger, guest ledger, and city ledger reports are available from RDP.
  • Monthly income statements, balance sheets, cash flow reports, etc., are printed from your back-office system.

RDP Transactions & Your General Ledger Account Numbers

The RDP General Ledger accounting system is transaction based.  The balance due from any entity (reservations, guest folios, travel agents, groups, etc.) can only be increased or decreased by the application of a transaction.  The current balance due on any entity is always equal to the sum of the transactions.

RDP provides a pre-installation kit that includes a list of your chart of accounts.  Your account numbers are then assigned to the RDP transactions.  For example, one RDP transaction is coded “B2D0”, and appears on the guest folio as “cash received from Guest.”  You assign your cash account as the debit account to this transaction, and your guest ledger account as the Credit Account.

Export General Ledger into Back Office Accounting System

RDP offers a quick and easy Export General Ledger program. Daily or monthly export files can be created and imported using the proper file structure into your back office accounting software. This process can be included in the night audit procedures and completed each night. Over 15 different accounting software formats are included for export.

Point of Sale Integration to Back Office Accounting

If you have the RDP Point-of-Sale (POS) interface, please see:   Point of Sale Integration to Back Office Accounting.

General Ledger Detail Stored Forever in RDP

Ledger detail is stored forever in the RDP database and limited only by available disk space.  You can inquire on all transactions that debited or credited the room charge account for any past day, month, or year.   A wide variety of screens and reports are available to view general ledger history.

Hospitality Ledgers Tracked

As part of the night audit process the RDP system tracks the following ledgers:

Ledger Name Definition
Advance Deposit Ledger The sum of all advance deposits received on future reservations.
Guest Ledger The sum on the balance due of all guests currently checked-in.
City Ledger The balance due from all groups, companies, and wholesalers.
Travel Agent Ledger Tracks all payables and prints checks to travel agents.
Owner Ledger Includes a complete condominium and timeshare owner accounting ledger.
Work Orders Work orders are tracked and checks printed with the Work Order Ledger.
Credit Card All credit card payments are tracked and reconciled.