Enhanced Work Orders and Inventory Control

The Enhanced Work Order module is designed to increase the functionality of the Work Order module with new features and expanded capabilities. Enhanced Work Order module goes beyond the standard tracking to include a detailed inventory control system, recurring work orders and billing, and time sheet tracking.

This module works with Work Order and Asset Management module to help increase efficiency and provide flexibility for the maintenance department, management and accounting.

Recurring Work Orders and Tasks

Recurring work orders and tasks can be used to schedule preventative maintenance or schedule tasks based on the reservation dates. A recurring work order can be set up to alert maintenance that the HVAC filters must be changed every other month in each unit. A recurring task could include cleaning the hot tub every third day of the reservation’s stay.

Once the work order has been added, the system can create the recurrence based on the dates selected, whether that is once a year, once a month, once a week, once a day, or any other scheduled interval.  Schedule a cutoff date if the work order should end on a certain date. Once the work orders are created, the maintenance department can view the work orders from the Work Order Monitor screen.

The screen below displays the Work Order Recurrence screen. It is quick and easy to add and schedule the recurring work order.

Recurring Billing via Work Order or Task

Not only can the work order or task be scheduled to post on a specified interval, but so can any billing to reservations, groups, or owners for the work. When the work order is scheduled, so is the charge. Bill the owner each time the hot tub is cleaned for each new paying guest reservation staying in that owner’s unit.

Detailed Asset and Inventory Management

Track assets and manage inventory using the Enhanced Work Order module. Track cost history, warranty, vendor, stock, location, and much more with the comprehensive asset and analysis screens. Configurable fields on the asset screen allow customization and flexibility that make the software specific to your property. Properties with multiple RDP directories can bulk load assets into one directory and have them copied into the directories as needed.

Enter inventory of assets and parts. Set a minimum quantity to maintain inventory and the system can alert you, using various reports, when you are low on that particular part. When a asset or part is replaced, it automatically removes from inventory, reducing the totals.

Each asset quickly displays all the work order history associated with it. This can help determine if an asset needs replacing or if the asset has been installed or moved to another location. Hover your cursor over each field of the image below for detailed information.

Time Sheet Entry and Audit

The Work Order Time Sheet program is designed to track the time a vendor or staff member worked on a job and calculate the charges based on their hourly rate. Using the Time Sheet helps reduce billing errors and allows you to post directly to the vendor or unit owner’s account.

The image below displays the Time Sheet Entry screen. Enter the amount of time spent on a job and system automatically calculates the charge and posts it directly from one screen.

Expanded Locations

Not only can work orders and assets be tracked in each unit, but also on each floor or building of the property. Set up each building, including its own unique building code, followed by the each floor in the building. Then assign each room to a floor. A detailed analysis screen of the buildings is available.

Purchase Enhanced Work Orders and Inventory Control Module

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