Customer Success Stories

For the last 30 years, over 1,000 companies around the world have relied upon RDP software to manage their hotels, condominiums, and timeshare resorts.  Here is what a few of them have to say about us.

Blue Fin Bay on Lake Superior
Tofte, Minnesota


“RDP’s help system is a huge timesaver. I have all the tools and information right at my fingertips, which has allowed me to learn so much more about the software. A lot of people don’t realize the power and importance of the self-help. I’m able to open it up and learn the information on my own, and when I do need extra help from Support, I’m able to formulate better questions on the more advanced topics. The help system is worth the investment RDP has made.

Jolita Rysdahl, Marketing Coordinator

Hotel Villa Portofino
Catalina Island, California


“We were very resistant to buying the Internet Reservation Module (IRM) as we did not want to lose control over our reservations. After attending the customer conference a few years ago and seeing the restrictions that could be applied, I was sold.

I thought that the IRM would be good for booking our standard rooms and in fact did not even put the suites on at first. I did not think guests would book packages on line. I was wrong. They totally book the suites and the packages. Yesterday, being located on the Island of Romance, was a very busy day for us – sold out, phones very busy, etc. IRM (as we call him) booked 11 reservations. Employee of the week, again and we don’t have to pay him! ! SO, we are very happy with the IRM, AND love the reports in RDPWIN and the emailing capabilities.”

Kate Olsen, General Manager


Stillwaters Resort
Branson, Missouri


“Just a note to say thanks for all that you guys are doing to assist us. It seems that we are just now utilizing many features that we never knew existed in RDP. I would estimate that for the past 8 years, we’ve been sitting on this Ferrari of a system driving it like a Golf Cart never figuring out how to shift into a higher gear.

Internet reservations have more than doubled in the first part of this year now that we actually use it to a better potential. So, if you have some customers complaining about RDP, let me know, I’ll call them and set them straight!”

Tom Shockley




Vail Realty
Vail, Colorado

“The support people are amazing.  Also, the online support is great. RDP’s website includes sections for downloading updates and documentation. Using the knowledge base, I get answers immediately “at any time, day or night.”

Lee Williams




The Carriage House
Las Vegas, Nevada

“RDP has been easy for our staff to learn, regardless of computer experience. We have made customizations to both screens and reports here at the property. It’s a very adaptable system!”

Lenora Wilson




Gaston White River Resort
Lake View, Arkansas


“I’ve been using the system for years now; and as my needs change, RDP evolves to meet them.”

Jim Gaston




Mountain Park Lodges
Jasper, Alberta, Canada


“We have 3 properties now using RDP and the support has been fantastic…they always answer the phone on 3 rings.

Mike Wetmore