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One system to manage your owners, end-to-end guest experience, reservations, and operations.

Streamline Your Operation and Owner Management with RDP’s Features

End-to-End Owner Management

Streamline owner management with a single system to manage all tasks related to your owners designed for numerous ownership structures including vacation rental, timeshare, vacation ownership, condo hotels, and more.

Earn More Revenue for Owner and Operator

Earn more revenue for your owners and property manager with RDP while simplifying owner splits, payouts, billing and more.

Owner Portal for Reservations and Billing

Improve your owner experience and reduce staff time by offering owners access to the owner portal on a mobile device.

See RDP’s Core Functionality in Action with our Mini Demos Below

Booking Engine

The RDP booking engine creates an incredible online guest experience for your property promoting your rates and availability on your marketing site with direct two way communication with the RDP PMS system.

Mini Demo (click for larger view)

Guest Communications

Enhance your guest experience and streamline operations by using RDP to send text message communications to your guests directly from the system.

Mobile Owner Portal

Improve your owner experience by offering owners access to the owner portal on a mobile device while simultaneously driving efficiencies by automating owner billing.


RDP’s Housekeeping Software is designed to improve the end to end process of your housekeeping department fully customizable for your operation

“GREAT Booking Software”

We could not run our resort without RDP. Very easy to learn and easy to use. The software works great and we rarely have issues. It makes booking a breeze.

RDP Owner and Condo-Hotel Features

Improve your owner guest experience and reduce staff time by offering owners access to the owner portal on a mobile device or computer.

Features include a visual reservation calendar for the unit, online payments, make an owner reservation, view billing statements, view individual bills to the room, manage work orders on the unit, update contact information, and more.

Additional features designed for owners include:

  • Commission-free owner access direct to your database.
  • Owner and guest of owner internet reservations.
  • Owner calendar can be viewed, changed, and printed up to four years in the future.
  • View or print all past owner statements.
  • Owners can review work orders including complete detail.
  • Owners can request housekeeping and specify requests using the internet.
  • Owner mass e-mail marketing and newsletters.
  • Complete property descriptions with pictures.
  • Charge a credit card service fees.
  • Sell additional guest services (packages, golf, gift items etc.) with the Guest Itinerary and Concierge module.
  • Additional reservation charges are allowed (booking fees, cleaning fees, etc.).
  • All Owner Internet Access flows automatically to the Trust Accounting System.

Automatically send customized emails to individual guests or filtered lists of guests directly from RDP.

Emailing features include fully integrated HTML templates, include attachments to email, mass email any list of guests direct from RDP, automatically schedule and send emails, integrated optional guest survey, multiple email addresses per reservation, and more.

The RDP software streamlines the ability to offer traditional daily reservations as well as long term reservations between 30 days and 4 years.

Features include customized billing terms, monthly statements including all charges, due dates for rent, deposits for 1st months rent, tax exempt options and more.

Expand your management company offerings with the ability to manage any home type from a full management contract, to maintenance, or housekeeping only.

Features include easily adding or removing a unit from the rental pool, non-rental owners can still use the owner portal for themselves or guests, track work orders and maintenance for all units, and more.

Improve your owner experience and drive revenue with the ability to manage your owner’s bills while simplifying your internal accounting procedures.

Examples of billing scenarios in RDP:

Work Orders

A work order can pay the vendor who performed the works as well as generate a charge on the owner statement, including an optional mark-up.   For example, if “Bob’s TV Repair” fixes the owners TV for $100, you can pay the Vendor $100 and bill the owner $120, all from one screen.  Checks can be printed for Vendors.

Recurring Monthly Charges

Accounts can be set up for recurring monthly charges that you pay on behalf of the owner.  Examples include cable TV, electric bill, water bill, gas, etc.  You can “batch process” the invoices each month from one screen.  For example, if you receive 100 different electric bills for 100 owners, the system will display a screen of all 100 accounts and all you have to do is enter the amount for each account#.   The system can then pay the electric company for all 100 invoices with one check AND charge each of the 100 owners.

One Time Payment for Owners

One time bills can also be paid for owners that are not related to a work order.  For example, you may agree to pay an electric bill one time only for an owner.

Tasks for Reservations

It is also possible to have tasks on reservations, such as “purchase food and stock the refrigerator”, and then charge the reservation and pay the Vendor.

RDP can be configured to meet your revenue share contracts including pooled revenue or individual.

For properties that pool owner revenue to disburse among owners at the end of the statement period, the RDP system can do this automatically. The Pooled Owner Accounting features takes room revenue that is to be paid to owners, pools it together, and splits it among owners based on number of rental nights in the owner’s unit. Not only can room revenue be pooled, but credit card fees and travel agent commissions as well.

Speed up receivables collection and assist your accounting team with automated invoice emailing and printing.

If owners have not paid the amount due, the system can automatically post a late charge. Additionally, the system can print overdue notices, either on paper for mailing or sent to the owners via E-mail.

Create more meaningful relationships with your guests by offering a rewards program tracked and managed directly from within your property management system, RDP.

Rewards program features include points awarded on each reservation, variable points for different seasons, room types, total dollars spent, and other variables, guests ability to can pay with points, restrictions when “point reservations” are allowed, customizable value for points, reporting, and more.

An example points program:

  1. A property with five locations starts a “rental club”.
  2. Members pay annual dues and earn points.
  3. RDP tracks points and generates the invoices for dues.
  4. Members pay yearly dues on the owner portal.
  5. Points can be used for reservations at any resorts.
  6. Members can make reservation over the owner portal.
  7. Points value is 100% customizable assigned by you.
  8. RDP calculates “point cost” and tracks all points used.

Create owner statements that capture all of your owner related accounting with fully customizable templates to fit your brand.

Statements can be fully customized to display any data from your system with additional features including:

  • Statement cycles can be monthly, quarterly, or other.
  • Access to work order, housekeeping, and reservations data
  • Printed or e-mailed statements
  • Automatically include supporting invoice, work order notification or utility bill to statements
  • Checks can be printed and mailed
  • Owners have access to statements in the owner portal

RDP can be configured to add include any charge or revenue information on your owner accounts.

Features include the ability to automatically transfer gross revenue and the management commission to the owner statement, charges posted to one owner at a time, or the system can automatically post the same charge to all owners, and more.

RDP is one of the most customizable PMS products available created to work with your existing billing procedures. However, the system can be used for any billing cycle.

Owner statements can be printed once a week, once a month, every two months, once a quarter, etc. You can even mix billing cycles, so that one owner is paid once a week, another once a month, and a third only once a quarter.

The system can split room revenue from the same reservation across two or more months. For example, if a reservation arrives 7/25/2008 and departs 8/6/2008, the owner could be paid July’s portion in July and the remainder in August. Alternatively, all of the revenue can be paid to the owner in the month of checkout. Long term rentals can pay the owner at the end of each month.

RDP provides reporting of your live data configured for any time period to provide current performance and cost data to your owners.

The system produces a month-to-date and a year-to-date recap report per owner as part of the owner statement process. This report includes a total of room revenue, management commission, travel agent fees, credit card fees, and a sub-total for each direct expense category.

Streamline your accounting procedures and eliminate user error with automatic check printing based on your current data in RDP.

The system can generate and print a check for the net amount due the owner each billing cycle. However, if the owner has more expenses than revenue, the system tracks this as an open receivable. Owner checks may be held “on account” to offset future expenses. For example, one RDP customer has several owners who live in Mexico. These owners request that management hold their checks during the busy season to offset maintenance expenses during the slow season. These owners are marked as “generate checks=NO” during the busy season, preventing the system from automatically distributing a check each billing cycle.

Improve your owner and guest experience with customizable communication options using automated email and texting.

RDP can send the guest confirmation to the owner of a room when it is booked, in order to inform the owner of reservation activity in their unit. While some properties may find this feature extremely useful, others may not want the owner to know of bookings prior to the guest arrival in case of cancellations or room moves. This feature can be turned on or off based on each property’s need.

Customize your owner experience by establishing a ranking system between owners to ensure bookings are made in a way that adheres to your contracts.

Each owner can be assigned a different priority, and each priority can be assigned a time period for which reservations can be booked online. The owner priority system is fully integrated to our online owner portal to streamline the process.

Simplify and streamline the complex world of multiple owners per rentable units with RDP’s features designed for vacation ownership, timeshare, and fractional scenarios.

Features include fixed, floating, and quartershare combinations, private residence clubs, rotate weeks from year to year, use contracts to control weeks, online owner access, owner reservation priority, invoices, loyalty programs, and more.

Learn more about RDP’s standard property management features here

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