Change Tracking with RDPWin

Change Tracking allows properties to view and track changes made to reservations and masters with both the original record and updated record.


RDP’s change tracking module is an important and powerful tool in determining the “who,” “what,” and “when” of any change in the system.  For example, a reservation may have an arrival date of 9/1/2011 now, but has date ever been changed?  If so, what was it before?  Has it been changed more than once?  Which user made the change and when?  If the date change caused a rate change, what was the rate before?  To answer these questions and many more, RDP’s Change Tracking has the information.  Changes for the following are tracked:

For more information please call Rita Gale at 970-845-1143   .

Change Tracking Features

  • Changes to reservations made using RDPWin are tracked, including who made the change and the date and time of each change.
  • View the reservation exactly as it appeared before and after each change.
  • Detailed reporting is available.  Show changes by date, person, reservation, type of change, etc.
  • Easy installation.  Just update to the latest version of RDPWin.

View the Change Tracking Demonstration Video (Flash Format)

Change Tracking Sample Screens

Change Summary Displays One Line Per Change

When the Changes tab is selected on a reservation, one summary line is displayed for each time the reservation was changed regardless of how many separate fields were changed.  Double-click any summary row to see the complete detail of all changes made to each field on the reservation.  The summary change screen shown below includes the detail of each change.


Detail on Each Change is Tracked

The system stores all details of each change.  In the example below, the user “Barry” made a change on 3/1/1998 at 4:51 PM.  He changed the number of nights from 3 to 7, as well as changing the total reservation price from $762.42 to $1307.48.  The other reservation changes are shown below.


Show All Reservation Detail Before and After Each Change

You can display the reservation detail before and after every change.  In the example below, the reservation appears before the last change.   If a given reservation had 10 changes, you could view the reservation as it appeared at any of the 10 points in time!


Change Analysis Screen

View the Change Tracking Demonstration Video (Flash Format)

For more information please call Rita Gale at 970-845-1143  .