RV Resort Management Software

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Mobile Device Modules Including Reservations Optimized for a Smart Phone or Tablet

RDP is pleased to announce mobile device software, designed to improve communication with guests and employees.

  • Mobile IRM – Reservations optimized for a SmartPhone or Tablet
  • Guest Communications
  • Mobile Work Orders
  • Housekeeping Schedules
  • Management Reporting
  • Mobile Check-In
  • Book Engine Optimized for Mobile Devices

For more information on see Mobile Device Overview and Reservations using SmartPhone or Tablet with Mobile IRM

Mix Camp Sites, Hotel Rooms, and Condominium Rentals

The RDP system allows a mix of camp sites, RV sites, hotel rooms, condominium rentals, and boat slip rentals.  System reports can be separated by rental type or combined. For example, separate arrival reports can be printed for the camp sites and the hotel rooms, or print one report combining all arrivals.  Financial reports, such as revenue generated each day, can also be separated by rental type.  For additional information see:

Internet Reservations with Site Map

The Interactive Map feature displays a map of your property with each site as a “hot spot.” The example below shows a campground, however the interactive map could also be used to show available homes or condominiums. The guest can view if the site is available based on their arrival and departure dates. The site can change colors based on the availability. Once a suitable site is found, the guest can continue with online booking using the Internet Reservations Module (IRM.Net).

Features of the Interactive Map include:

  • Descriptions of each site’s features such as hookup, length of vehicle, and another important information
  • Include pictures or virtual tours of each site
  • Hover over each site to view the rates for the arrival date selected
  • Zone features and easy navigation across the entire map
  • Full control of placement of site “hot spots”
  • Link directly to IRM.Net and marketing website
  • Change color of “hot spot” if site not available
  • Site directory with ability to search by site number
  • There is a fee of about $200/year Maps Alive for the use of their interactive mapping software. Maps Alive does not charge a setup fee or monthly fee.
  • If you do not already have a map graphic, you will need to create one. The cost will varie based on the map complexity.
  • The initial configuration of Maps Alive to activate all the “hot spots” is not difficult, but it can be a bit time consuming.

Sample Site Map from Cajun Palms Resort


Lake Camanche Site Map – No Zoom – See below for Zoomed Map


Lake Camanche Site Map – Zoomed in (see Above for full site map)


Work Order & Asset Management

RDP offers an extensive Work Order and Asset Management system that is extremely useful for campgrounds.  All guest requests for each site can be tracked.  Additionally, all assets such as trucks, golf carts, pool heaters, etc. can be tracked by VIN, serial or part number.  The Work Order Monitor screen displays the current status of all work orders and auto-refreshes as work orders are added, changed, or closed.  Maintenance personnel can be automatically notified of new work orders via text message or e-mail to a mobile device.

Wireless Internet Access & Billing

High-speed Internet access has gone from a “nice benefit” to a “requirement” for many campers with luxury RVs.  The question is not “if” a campground should deploy high-speed Internet access, but “how to” do it in a cost effective and profitable manner.  RDP has partnered with RoomLinx to provide a turnkey solution for wireless access and billing.  Charges for Internet access can be charged by credit card or posted to the guest folio automatically.

See RDP – Wireless Internet Access Interface.

Mobile Devices for RV Resort Management

RDP offers mobile device capability designed to improve communication with guests and employees. Some of these features include guest text messaging, mobile check-in, work order tracking, and management reporting. These features work with any mobile-ready device such as iPhone, Droid, iPad, or any other smart phone or tablet.

For more information about mobile communication, see RDP Mobile Device Module.