Interfaces to Third Party Devices - Software Solutions for Hospitality

RDPWin interfaces with a wide variety of third party devices.


However, this does not guarantee an interface to your property’s particular model of RDP software.  In addition, these peripheral interfaces often require a dedicated interface bridge computer.

Booking Engine – Internet Reservation Module (IRM)

RDP’s Internet Reservation Module enables your property to reach online guests and travel agents.  For example, potential guests can find your Internet home page from home or work, search for an available room, and make a reservation directly with your hotel or rental property.

IRM Demonstrations:

Other IRM Information:


RedAwning is the world’s largest branded network and the only complete full-service hospitality software system solution for listing vacation rentals with ease and success on the major OTA’s.  RDP has partnered with the RedAwning Network to offer RDP customers one interface and seamless access to the largest travel network in the world including,, HomeAway/VRBO, Airbnb, Flipkey/Trip Advisor and many more major OTA’s as well as RedAwning’s own 8 proprietary websites offered exclusively to RedAwning property managers:,,, and, a B2B platform designed especially for use by Travel Agents.


RDP is excited to announce a partnership with SiteMinder to offer seamless connectivity between RDPWin and the SiteMinder database. SiteMinder is a channel manager, providing distribution of your inventory to the global market. For more information visit SiteMinder

Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit’s meta channel distribution solution. A simple and easy to use advertising platform increasing brand awareness to drive direct bookings across our meta search partner sites; Google HPA, TripAdvisor, Trivago & Skyscanner. For more info click here



We work to strategically place client properties across our network of industry-leading distribution partners. Our streamlined, intuitive solutions make it simple to gain exposure to a large audience and quickly grow bookings.

Luxury Retreats an Airbnb company


Attract high-end travelers and generate more rental income by joining our collection of world-class villas. You maintain complete control over your property while we work to attract a wider audience of travelers. There are no fees to join, and we only earn commission when you receive a reservation. We provide industry-leading liability and property coverage to make sure your property is protected. For more info click Here

Travel Tripper

Web Marketing and inventory distribution

Give your guests the confidence to book direct with our innovative tool that guarantees price parity with the OTAs. Boost direct bookings with hotel websites that drive higher engagement and increase conversions. Maximize direct bookings with smart campaigns managed by an award-winning expert marketing team.

In-Room & Wireless Internet Billing Interface – Nomadix

Resort Data Processing has partnered with Nomadix to help RDP customers install high-speed internet access with optional billing to the guest folio.  Nomadix is the leading supplier of solutions for wired in-room Internet and wireless hot spots with solutions for properties ranging from 20 to 2000 rooms.

High speed Internet access has gone from a nice benefit to a requirement for most business guests.  The question is not if a property should deploy high-speed Internet Access, but how to do it in a cost effective and profitable manner.  Nomadix resellers can provide a turnkey solution to get your property up and running.  The RDP-Nomadix interface can then post charges to the guest folio.

Features include:

  • Guest in-room Internet with wired or wireless connection
  • Guests and others can connect to the Internet via wireless from anywhere in the property
  • Non-guests can be charged using a credit card or national wireless account
  • RDP-Nomadix Interface posts Internet access charges to the folio
  • Guests can review their folio on a television screen
  • Nomadix resellers provide turnkey solutions
  • Summary of Nomadix-RDP Internet billing Interface

See In-Room and Wireless Internet Billing Interface.

Call Accounting

Automatically posts phone charges to the guest folio with no operator required. Logs every transaction to the general ledger.

See Call Accounting Interface.

Phone Actuator

Interface your phone switch to turn phones on at check-in and off at checkout as well as turn on/off phones for room moves.  Depending on the switch model, RDP can control wake up calls and turn on/off message lights.

See Phone Actuator Interface.


Turn voicemail on at check-in and off at checkout.  Depending on your system, the interface can also send the guest name to the voicemail system and transfer voice messages after a room move.

See Voicemail Interface.

Housekeeping Telephone

Change housekeeping status from the guest room.  After cleaning a room, the housekeeper uses a telephone code (For Example: *4) to mark the room clean.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

RDP has interfaced to a wide variety of point-of-sale systems with the following features:

  • Automatically post charges to the guest folio from a restaurant, bar, spa, golf course, gift shop, etc.
  • Provide an inquire first capability when your POS system supports this feature.  For example, a clerk in the restaurant can first inquire to see who is in Room 102, prior to posting a charge.
  • Optional pre-check-in posting is available for all POS interfaces using the Micros standard.  For example, a guest may arrive at the property at noon, but the room is not ready until 4:00pm.  The guest can put a credit card on file and start charging items immediately using their reservation number as verification.
  • Optional post-check-out posting is available for all POS interfaces using the Micros standard.  For example, a guest may checkout at noon but still use the facilities for the rest of the day and charge items, which are then paid for by the credit card on file.

See Point of Sale Interface Supported Vendor List.

In-Room Movie with Video Checkout

Posts charges from various in-room movie systems to the guest folio.  With the Enhanced Movie Interface installed, guests can view folio transactions on their television and check-out of the RDP system.  Guests with a valid credit card on file can process their own check-outs through the movie system without visiting the front desk.  Once the guest is checked out through the Enhanced Movie Interface, RDP’s availability is immediately updated and the room is marked dirty and vacant for the housekeeping department.

See In-Room Movie Interface and Vendor List.

Room Key Interfaces – Vingcard Vision 3000 & Kaba Ilco

RDP currently interfaces with VingCard and Kaba Ilco lock systems.  Contact Resort Data Processing’s Sales Department to discuss which system will work best for your property.

RDP’s Interface to VingCard Vision 3000 system

  • Available for VingCard Vision 3000 (Version 4.10)
  • The key card is automatically generated when checked into RDP
  • Multiple cards can be created
  • Room key cards can be generated on room move
  • One key card encoder for each front desk workstation or shared by multiple workstations
  • VingCard can be used with Micros POS systems to charge to the room
  • Improves guest satisfaction with faster check-in
  • Reduce errors by eliminating manual entry into key card system

RDP’s Interface to Kaba Ilco Key Systems

  • Works with lock models: 700, 710, 740 760, 770, 790
  • Works with FDU and Atlas protocols


RDP interfaces with your bank’s Lockbox service, which saves you time when it comes to sending statements and processing receivables from your owners.

RDP exports the end of month owner statement information to your bank via a file mechanism. The bank processes and sends the owner statements to each owner. The MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) code is included on each statement. The bank collects and processes the payments directly into your bank account. It sends back the information in file that is imported using the Lockbox interface. The owner account is updated in RDP, showing the account has been paid.

See RDP’s Lockbox Interface

Kaba Oracode

The Oracode Keyless door locks allow to remotely manage vacation rental properties, through an easy-to-use and secure web-based solution. Oracode’s unique web based keyless system uses an electronic pushbutton lock that grants access through time-sensitive codes. Since codes can be given days, months or years in advance there is no need to store or distribute keys or keycards to guests, staff or vendors.

More information at: Kaba Oracode

We provide our customers with the most advanced electronic locking solutions for hotels including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) compatible locking technology, as well as a range of innovative and stylish electronic hotel locks.

More info at: Assa Abloy


With over 5 million electronic locks installed worldwide, Onity electronic locking systems are found at over 30,000 properties in 125 countries. Onity offers real solutions and reliable support for the Hospitality, Vacation Rental, Corporate, Education, Government and Marine markets. Whatever your requirements, Onity has an electronic locking solution to fit your needs.

More info at: Onity Locks

OnPortal™ System

OnPortal is Onity’s all-new lock management software: a scalable solution with roving check-in option and full access management. Built on research and feedback from front-desk agents on their routines and challenges, OnPortal is designed to deliver optimal efficiency, flexibility and guest satisfaction.​

Global Distribution System (GDS) and Other 2-Way Reservation Interfaces

Today, guests can make room reservations via the GDS by either calling a travel agent or using a GDS Travel Website.  GDS Travel Websites are designed to be used directly by guests.  These websites are interfaced directly to the GDS allowing rates and availability to be displayed to the guest in the same manner as travel agents.  RDP has a wide variety of interfaces to GDS and other reservation systems. Please see:


Interface the RDP system to various environmental control systems to turn on / off the heat, lights, and other devices upon check-in/checkout.

See Environmental Interface.

Central Reservations

Many companies using RDP have more than one property.  RDP offers a Central Reservation option to allow reservations to be made from one location to all properties.

Features include:

  • Reservations database stored at the central reservations office or the property
  • Central reservations and onsite management
  • True Last Room Availability
  • 24-Hour Internet connection

See Central Reservations Overview.

Accounting General Ledger Upload

The RDP System includes a fully integrated general ledger that captures all financial activity from all RDP modules.  The RDP general ledger acts as a Sub Ledger to your primary back office accounting system, just as your payroll system is a sub-ledger.  During system installation, general ledger account numbers can be assigned for the chart of accounts.  The system automatically makes all entries to these customized account numbers using standard double-entry accounting principles.  At the end of each day, a balanced general ledger entry can be automatically transferred from the RDP sub ledger to your primary back office General Ledger System.  Automatic transfer is supported with the following back-office systems.

Intelity ICE

The RDP system interfaces with Intelity’s ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) program.  ICE allows guest to enter requests such as room service, schedule spa treatments, purchase show tickets, request wake up calls, etc. from a web-enabled device.

The ICE interface accesses a subset of the RDP database using the RDP API. This information allows the guest to see their folio and post charges directly from the ICE device in the room.

See Intelity ICE Interface Overview for additional information.

Glad To Have You Interface

RDP interfaces with Glad To Have You, a mobile app designed specifically for the vacation rental market. This interface help generate more revenue increasing communication efficiency with your guests, providing a better guest experience, and making you more competitive to secure new rental properties. Guests can download the mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Marketplace.

RDP communicates with the Glad To Have You interface using the RDP API technology. Reservation and room information is provided to allow the guest to have truly personal experience.

See Glad To Have You Overview for additional information.