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Create your own Booking Engine with RDP API
(Application Programmer Interface)

RDP offers our own booking engine, IRM.Net, as well as our SmartPhone/Tablet booking engine, IRM Mobile.    The RDP API (Application Programmer Interface) provides the ability for customers to create their own booking engine.   This document provides a technical overview related to integrating a marketing website to the RDP database using RDP API Web Services.  Please note that you must purchase the API from RDP before starting to build your own booking engine. 

The diagram below shows the various reservation channels available from Resort Data Processing: 

Reservation Distribution Channels - GDS Interfaces

The RDP reservation system is designed to provide true last room availability from a variety of channels simultaneously as illustrated by the diagram below. 


For more information click on any box below   - or "View All Reservation Channels"


Your marketing website can be directly linked to the RDP Database by RDP's booking engine (IRM), and our Smartphone formatted Mobile IRM, as well as our Application Programmer Interface

Links for Detailed information on Reservation Channels


RDP API Implementation

The RDP API provides access to a subset RDP's database via Microsoft's Web Services (SOAP). This information is intended as a guide for developers who have partnered with RDP to implement this interface.  The web services are installed as part of the IRM.Net installation.  IRM.Net (Module RR) is a required along with the RDP API Interface Module (SL).  Pricing is based on how much of the RDP API is implemented from the marketing website. 

Please contact RDP Sales for more information.


IRM.Net Only

Most RDP customers use the IRM.Net without the API.  The IRM.Net is highly customizable using themes and cascading style sheets.  When styled correctly, it appears to the guest, that the IRM.Net is part of the marketing site.  For more information on customizing the IRM.Net, see Using Themes in IRM.Net.

Availability & Rates IRM.Net

There are several levels of implementing the RDP API.  The first has the marketing site request availability from the API.  Availability can either be a list of available rooms for those customers that preassign rooms or a list of available room types for those that don't assign specific room numbers.

Rates can be fetched as well.  RDP Recommends that as few rate plans as possible be used.  If there is only one Internet rate plan, then this information should be stored on the marketing site for performance reasons.  If a guest is choosing a rate plan, then the marketing site should fetch the rate for the room or room type after the rate plan and room/room type are selected instead of doing it for each room or room type.  The marketing site is much faster with rate look ups since it is static data.  There are many ways to implement rates, so this should be discussed with an RDP representative.

The marketing site would collect the reservation dates, room/room type and rate plan, number of people and pass it to IRM.Net as part of the URL.  This would start the IRM.Net at either the Virtual Store page or the guest information page, depending on if Virtual Store was installed.  From here, IRM.Net would take over and process the credit card and make the reservation.

Owner Access - Reservations, Work Orders, Statements, Etc.

For customer using our Vacation Rental System, Condo-Hotel, Timeshare, Fractional, or Private Residence Club systems, RDP provides secure owner/member internet access which includes the following capabilities using IRM.net. 

Note: These capabilities are available using RDP's IRM.Net, not RDP API. 

 RDP API  / Web Services

View the Web Service Definition

RDP customers who have purchased and installed the Internet Reservations Module (module RR), can view the IRMPublic web service definition on their IRM web server at: http://<IRMWebServerName>/RDPWincentralSvc/IRMPublic.asmx. The individual methods have been implemented to meet the needs of specific interfaces and require login credentials in order to execute the methods.  The current version of the IRMPublic web service definition can also be viewed via RDP's IRM web server at:  http://irm.resortdata.com/RDPWinCentralSvc/IRMPublic.asmx

Login Credentials

The IRMPublic web service requires a valid login ID and password in order to execute the methods.  Credentials will be provided to RDP customers enabling access to the methods that have been purchased.  Test credentials, which will only function against RDP's demonstration data files, are available to developers.

Input Parameters and Return Values

The IRMPublic methods all take a request (RQ) class object as input and return a response (RS) class object. The request structures include a Credentials structure and as applicable to each method, either simple input parameters (such as a reservation number) or input structures including various parameters.  The response structures include a status value (success or failure), an error message if applicable, and either a simple return value or a return structure (such as a data set) as applies to each method.

For the full documentation on the API, please contact RDP Sales.



Web Service Methods
Availability & Rates Methods
Get Room Info
Get Available Rooms
Get Room Calendar
Get Rate Per Stay
Get Agent Rate Per Stay

Housekeeping Methods

Get Room Info
Update Room Clean Status
Reservation Methods
Guest Login
Get Reservation Info
Cancel Reservation
Make Payment



IRM.Net Demonstrations Other IRM.Net Information

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